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Man on Every Hand
  • Artist: The Sana Band
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479931093
  • Item #: 1383144X
  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 10/30/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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Man on Every Hand on CD

It's phenomenal how SaNa can bring together a band of exceptional musicians that kick much butt and have so much fun doing so. With grace and style, she pulls the best out of the best. SaNa has two versions of 'Man on Every Hand' on this CD. One sassy jazzy and the other slow and bluesy. Both get the point across. How sweet it is to have a man there when you need him. A man who helps with the bills, tends your odds and ends, and is there when the fun begins. SaNa, Todd, and Geneva were in the airport in New York waiting for a plane to Amsterdam when the lyrics for 'Goin' Flying' entered their life space. Suddenly, time stood still. The smell of hot dogs, the sounds of carts rolling against the cement floor, the chatter of passengers gleefully anticipating their departures, call for planes coming in and planes going out disappeared into nothingness as the lyrics flew from their mouths onto the paper napkins. SaNa added a vocal bass that was later replaced by her solid live bass sound. Ten, maybe fifteen minutes, and a hit was born. Randy Skinner, former member of the Funkadelics, takes you on a magic trumpet ride on 'Randy's Groove'. You can't help but go with his flow either on the dance floor, working on your computer, or cruising down a peaceful highway. 'Black Cat Blues' is one of the most requested SaNa songs. And, it has been recorded on each of SaNa's four previous CD's. This time it's different. With the help of producer, Tony Williams, it has a younger flavor. Some say it would fit well in an old fashioned juke joint, a movie sound track, a pet store commercial, or a humane society ad. Wherever it ends, it will definitely have you singing the hook - 'buy my kitty, buy my kitty kitty'. SaNa let The Atlanta Horns lose on 'Riding on a 12 Bar Blues'. They take off on the high road. Eddie Boyd starts the ride off real smooth on his sax. On the second leg of the journey, Lil' Joe sputters his trombone in a manner that only Joe can. Then Randy Skinner takes the ride into overdrive as he navigates his trumpet to the final destination - Wow! Now that's how an instrumental is suppose to be instrumented. Imagine playing your heart out in a Blues Contest and feeling like you did a better job than the judges give you credit for. So goes the lyrics in 'Blues From The Heart'. Using the blues to moan about being unfairly judged, then mourn the loss as you come to the realization that the judges were 'whack' and it didn't make a difference to them how good you sounded. And finally seeing a brighter morning knowing that you would have had a better chance if your idols, BB King, Robert Cray, and Johnny Taylor were the judges. 'Man That I Love', written by Dennis Lowe, Sr. is the perfect wedding song. And, an even better anniversary song. This song celebrates a union blessed by the hands of God. Both partners share their commitment to stay together in love 'til death do they part. Like Adam and Eve, it's forever and ever. 'Michael Trintham' is Paul Turner's and SaNa's way of preserving the memory of a fallen band mate. Michael Trintham was a heck of an entertainer. Somewhat shy. Yet, when he stepped onto the stage he was transformed into a music machine. He played his guitar behind his back, down on his knees, and as he walked and danced throughout the audience. Nothing but smiles on everyone's face. Then one day, in the middle of 'The Thrill is Gone' on stage at Liz and Lee's Live in East Point GA, he played his final solo before passing on to the heavens above. The Sana Band and fellow musicians will also hold a special place for him in our hearts. We love you Michael Trintham. This SaNa CD includes a bonus track 'Gonna Have A Merry Christmas'. It's hoped that this song will be requested and played year after year as a holiday favorite. It's fun and joyful. The Atlanta Horns add to the festive mood. You can see the Christmas tree lined with presents from Santa and mistletoe everywhere you go.......

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