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Inner Fires
  • Artist: Sandy Dunlop
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479358609
  • Item #: SRD935860
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 8/1/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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Inner Fires on CD

Sandy's debut CD of original music is an eclectic mix of rock, blues, and folk, tinged with jazz and worldbeat, and inspired by female artists who know how to belt out a tune or let words flow like melting butter. She writes the truth as she sees it, creating a cutting honesty in her lyrics, and sets them to interesting melodies and rhythms, which not only stick in your head because they're catchy but also have a message. "If you're going to have a song fragment running a loop in your head, it might as well say something helpful. These lyrics contain ideas and phrases that worked for me during a broken-heart phase of my life, a way of perceiving the situation as though I was creating and learning from it, instead of being the helpless, blaming victim." Sandy was born near Philadelphia, Pa., USA... a baby-boomer listening to her blues singing mama's impressive record collection which spanned the gamut from Thelonius Monk to Iron Butterfly, Peter, Paul & Mary, and every show tune recorded during the heyday of show tunes. Philly and the east coast in general were musical meccas in those days, and she spent her youth in concert halls and folk fests, large and small, having a lot of fun and filling her head with music. In the late 70's, she headed west looking for the promised land and ended up a Canadian citizen in a little town in British Columbia called Lund, just north of Powell River, itself a recently declared cultural capital of Canada, and where she's been happy as a clam ever since. Spending most of her life listening to other people's music and supporting other musicians led to her participation in a 7-piece band known as Syzygy (Bach in the Middle East) and a female vocal quartet called Cha Cho Chai (New Age folk). Finally, she could contain her inner fires no more and unleashed her own musical talents with this CD. She is also currently a member of Ethnic Junction, a female vocal quintet, singing traditional songs from around the world in the language and style of the various native countries. Sandy has been on a spiritual quest all her life. Her lyrics are grounded in her beliefs and a willingness to tell the truth. 'So often, people hide what they really think and feel. In revealing what I think to be true, I hope I'm not just embarrassing myself. I hope to touch other people and encourage them to speak their truth too. What's the point in hiding out? Life is just so much more fun OutThere.' Fires burning Inner yearning My Self calling You Saving face and filling space No disgrace No use Fires burning Inner yearning Sing a song that's true "Making this CD has been incredibly fun and great learning. Now I just want to make music all the time!"

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