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Stern Zu Betlehem (Star to Betlehem)
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 4260032542299
  • Item #: CDBY542299
  • Release Date: 12/8/2009
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.18
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Stern Zu Betlehem (Star to Betlehem) on CD

Dear music lovers, we are glad very much to be allowed to introduce to you a new music label: 'Santec Music'. This unique project stretches a curve of the demanding classical music up to new instrumental music. Besides, helping of orchestras of international meaning is effective also like the creativity of musicians of the most different nationality. On beauty and harmony thought, in Germany as 'New Classic' to defined compositions, are an expression of wonderful and very pleasant melodies with the most careful care of details and arrangements. These arise, primarily, from the internal setting of the musicians: They lay the biggest value on the contents of the music and compose with swing and competence. Many of the big composers of the past which unforgettable symphonies gave us can be often inspired by the nature; and thus also tries the music of 'Santec Music' from the wealth of beauty and harmony which the nature rescues by the unity of the elements together to scoop. The orchestra plays all instruments, whether piano, harp, guitar, flute, or panflute along with a string-orchestra, but it uses no electronic instruments. The new label 'Santec Music' shows one of the probably most interesting new phenomena in the area of new instrumental music in the international music scene and offers space for limitless creativity. About this CD: The music is a wholesome mix from warm classical period and Christmassy melodies. Including this spot is a wing horn which distinguishes itself by an especially soft and at the same time beaming sound.

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