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  • Artist: Santino Cadiz
  • UPC: 884501510547
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  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 5/10/2011
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Soteria on CD

California-raised, Santino Cadiz has been producing an eclectic mix of reggae, hip hop and, folk for the past 14 years. He has been entertaining people throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon. Recently, stepping away from what was tradition, Santino decided to reinvent himself with a new collaborative solo CD called 'Soteria', which by ancient Greek terms means Deliverance or Salvation. 'I really wanted to challenge myself musically,' says Santino at a recent performance. 'I hope to showcase my evolution as a growing artist. This album was a challenge for me and I hope people will experience that internal change through this project.' Roots Rock Reggae ...Is where Santino Cadiz gets his musical foundation. Self teaching himself guitar at the age of 22, He began to develop his musical endeavor early on with rhythmic Rasla undertones, and subtle folkish nuances. Packing up his things and heading to the Oregon coast was an inspirational move for Santino, Inspiring him to produce and release his first solo CD 'Rise Up and Walk' An eclectic mix of reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz and R& B. 'I was able to take all of the styles of music that influence me in personal way and compose a collection of songs, that I am really proud of...truly a peek into my soul' Santino said shortly after his 2005 CD release party. Onward to Eugene Oregon, mid 2006 Santino again formulated a group of friends into a local Neo Funk experimental Reggae Celtic infusion called Selah, that lasted until early the next year. Flash forward to 2008, Santino moved to Corvallis Oregon and once again put together a group of talented musicians to form the greatest ensemble yet, Mostly Roots Reggae with a dash of love, and 17 other copyrighted spices, Sar Shalom aka- (Prince of Peace) was born.'We are a group of friends dedicated to Healing, Peace and Unity through positive musical vibrations' Currently concentrating on the 2011 April release of his second solo album titled 'Soteria'. Santino Cadiz is continuing to grow as an accomplished musician, constantly evolving.