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Moon Set
  • Artist: Secret Coffee
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 783707950228
  • Item #: CDBY795022
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/12/2004
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Moon Set on CD

The Secret Coffee Story Secret Coffee is a sip of distillate from a long drink of the stimulant, life. Like dissimilar flecks of snow glinting in the hard driven night, the experiences of writer, Kirk Perkins, are the glint of colorful dream imagery sharpened by the burning sting of reality, which he has distilled into songs. Several years were spent playing in Boston with folk artists and experimental punk rockers generating some experimental musique concrete as a side venture. In Chicago, hundreds of jams with dozens of musicians, including many semi-pros, a few touring pros, and a few skilled amateurs, often ran long into the night. These sessions revolved around a core of musicians, a room full of instruments, and a nightly drop-in of whoever was in town. Occasionally, the police would drop in on the louder, later sessions as well. This fluid environment was more of a rock and roll jazz, where players shared techniques and cut their chops. At times, whole songs with vocals worked their way in. No formal band ever evolved out of the sessions, but the idea of gelling a band stimulated song writing. A decade was spent in Virginia and Maryland in bands torn between playing credible covers and the desire to write and perform original songs. Numerous bands came and went, revolving around drummer/professional soundman, Bryan Whitney. Bryan puts the number of bands at 8, not counting some church bands. Kirk was involved with several incarnations of these bands that fielded nearly a hundred original songs from different writers. The majority of the songs were recorded live or in the studio. During this time, Bryan and Kirk worked together, playing and recording Steve Carpenter's Log Jam album, Bryan's Boiling Trousers album, and the Richard Hall and the Undone album, as well as a number of Richard's singles. Kirk also worked with Justine Wiltshire playing tracks and engineered recordings of 20 of her songs. An album of Kirk's songs, Moon Set, evolved with the help of many players. Some of them made it onto the album. Most particularly, Bryan Whitney, contributed heavily to the development of the sound of the band and several studios in which the album was recorded. Steve Carpenter played many of the songs live for years as they were being refined, and played harmonica and guitar on the album. Australian folk singer, Justine Wiltshire, experienced performer from the beaches in Australia and the coffee houses of Vancouver, contributed to a number of the Moon Set tracks. Ron Fribush played woodwinds on Living In The City, and acted as technical advisor. The original bass player disappeared off the map and his tracks were eventually lost. Currently, Bryan Whitney is working on an album of instrumentals for sound tracks. Justine Wiltshire is working on refining a demo for major label review. Kirk Perkins has 20+ more songs written and is already working on the next two Secret Coffee albums.

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