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Right on Time
  • Artist: Shari Garn
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 783707962528
  • Item #: CDBY796252
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 10/31/2006
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Price: $14.81
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Right on Time on CD

Shari Garn's music is adult, power-folk; a passionate celebration of life, authentic, naked truth. This music respects your intelligence. It will make you get down in the dirt and sob and then resurrect you. It will fill you with love and incite you to mischief. Shari makes no excuses. Hers is a big beam of light, a force of nature. Her soulful and soaring voice comes from deep in the earth, longing, wailing, insistent. It's contagious! Shari comes by her musical gifts naturally. Raised in a household of musicians and artists in California during the folk music revival of the 1960's, Shari was immersed in music from the time she could walk. Her living room was a hub of social activity, revolutionary strategizing, art, poetry and music. "Hootenannies" and jam sessions complete with washtub bass, accordion, harmonica, banjo, washboard, Jew's harp, clicking spoons and of course many guitars were a regular occurrence. Shari studied music, poetry and dance from an early age. A dancing accident in high school and a drunken poetry professor in college were pivotal experiences which redirected her energies toward songwriting. "Now I dance through my voice weaving poetry with sound." Shari has developed a strong community of musical friends in Sonoma County where she lives with her husband and two children. She has created, performed and toured with these friends for over 25 years in bands such as Acoustic Medicine, Coyote Moon and New Moon as lead and harmony vocalist, rhythm guitar player and principal songwriter. Shari performs in many different configurations of musicians from solo to six piece band. Most recently, Shari is performing as Shari Garn and Deeper Rhythm. Deeper Rhythm performs Shari's original compositions and features Shari as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. The rest of the ensemble is filled out by the luscious and provocative vocal harmonies of Carolyn McAleavy and Laurel Brody accompanied by Steve Rosenfeld and Eddie Guthman,two of the most talented musicians of the San Francisco Bay area. Shari's musical influences range from the simple, classic songs of Woodie Guthrie and Bob Dylan to Joni Mitchell and the more complex, contemporary sounds of Riki Lee Jones, Ani DiFranco and Patti Griffin. The wailing and sounding of indigenous people's music and the highly singable influences of gospel, folk and gypsy music are evident as well. In 2004 Shari completed her first solo album, "Right on Time". Recorded at Prairie Sun and Redwood Solstice studios in Sonoma County, California the album includes Send Me a Voice one of Shari's most beloved songs. Send Me a Voice has been published in songbooks and recorded and performed several times by other artists. This hymn-like song, originally composed at a demonstration against the testing of the M.X. missile at Vandenberg Air force Base in California, was used frequently by the Chinese students during the prodemocracy demonstrations in Tienneman Square. Out of the Clear Blue Sky, also on the album, was written by Shari and her husband John as a response to 9/11 and is an eerie and powerful remembrance of that historical event. Other tunes on the album express a gamut of emotions ranging from the frustrations of being a creative woman in the role of housewife in Housewife's Howl to a deeply spiritual belief in the earth's ability to regenerate itself in Sacred Ground. Shari's music grows out of the intersection between the political and the personal, where global awareness meets the human heart. She has something real to say and the voice to say it with. © 2006 Shari Garn and Deeper Rhythm.

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