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  • Artist: Shari
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479324864
  • Item #: SRD932486
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 3/14/2006
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Sultritude on CD

Shari Shari has one of the most passionate, heartfelt voices on the scene today. She will take you on a powerful, emotional ride from intimate moments to soaring heights. Shari's vibrant vocal stylings cover a wide range of musical genres... Adult Contemporary, Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre. A native of Montreal, Shari began her singing career at the age of fourteen. She began working with a big band and various Top 40 bands at an early age and further honed her talents singing and dancing in "Jardin des Etoiles" at Montreal's Expo. In the early nineties she was an original cast member of both the Montreal Bi-Lingual Company and the Canadian National Touring Company of the mega-hit musical "Les Miserables" and performed on stages across Canada and the United States. Among her special live performances have been events also featuring Al Jarreau, Chantal Kreviasuk, Colin James, Senator Tommy Banks, Bobby Shew, PJ Perry, Sass Jordan and many more. In '97 Shari performed the closing ceremonies song for the "World Police & Fire Games", a wonderful song written by her good friend Elliot Willensky entitled "The Heart of A Champion". Shari has collaborated with Elliot on many other projects including "Beautiful For You" which appeared in a CBS made-for-TV movie. Shari has released several CD's including "SECRETS" and her latest CD is a collaboration with composer/arranger Doug Davis. This new EP is entitled "SULTRITUDE" where sultry meets attitude with strong elements of Adult Contemporary and a touch of Smooth Jazz. She has made her home in Calgary since 1993 and is the featured vocalist for "Prime Time Big Band." Shari's love and passion for her art shine through in her live performances and her recordings. "I am constantly humbled by the wonderful musicians with whom I am privileged to share a stage. I can't find a better phrase to describe the feeling that I get when I really connect with my audience other than "pure joy". Thank you to all of my fans all around the world for your constant love and support in my career. My heart is truly touched by all of you. I am truly blessed. Sultritude Sultritude is a composite of interwoven emotions and moods: sultry, attitude, solitude, and altitude. Sultry is sensual, torrid, desirous - a sultry look, or a sultry dance. Attitude is a state of mind, self-awareness and self-confidence - I'm going to go for it! Solitude can equal loneliness, but it doesn't have to - sometimes it's just a self-imposed time for tranquil reflection and renewal, a time to think things through or to heal emotional wounds. Altitude is all about soaring to the heights - the thrill of adventure and breaking free from our earthly bounds - it's about fun and being in the moment, and it's always better when shared with someone you truly love and who truly loves you. I Want You Back In My Life (D. Davis) - My heart still aches over our lost love. But the fog of anguish and regret, that has shrouded my solitary contemplation of what might have been, is lifting - I can feel it. I'm lifted up by this palpable sense of hope and optimism that our love will be renewed. I promise that I won't make the same mistakes again and that I will love you forever - won't you join me? Deep in my heart, I've carried the weight Of a love I just can't leave behind. I walked away, without ever saying goodbye Telling myself all the reasons why... Baby, I want you back in my life again Want to feel you by my side... And it's been so many years. Still I'll beg you to turn around Let me dry your tears. If you'd just take a look around I know love will lead you... Here we stand together Only love can see us through On the chance that you might fall in love Oh I'll do all that I can to make it new Let Love Fly (D. Davis) - Years of quiet expectation and dreams of a love for all time. You've always been in love. You just haven't met the "one", the person of your dreams - until now. Now it's time for your love to soar to the skies - feeding your passion and filling the void you've always carried in your soul. Man, what a great time to be alive! Now the years you've spent alone Have past on like a dream And it's like you've always been in love Or at least that's how it seems Oh, these years roll by so fast And you alone will never hold them back So when you find the love that lifts your soul above the stars When a single touch can heal the scars That's the time you've waited for, you've held on all these years That's the time you've got to let love fly. Baby, you've just got to let love fly. Into your Life (D. Davis) - I'm right here! What's stopping you from reaching out to me? Are you afraid? You don't have to be afraid of me - I will never hurt you. I'll keep waiting because I'm so in love with you - but please, please don't keep me waiting forever. There's only so much time, and even that isn't promised, and we have so many things that we should be doing together - moments to share in each other's joy. Please come to me now! You need to know it's love you really want Even though it can be hard to see Sometimes it's right in front of us darling We all arrive eventually Can't you see me reaching out? Cause, Baby, once you fall in love It's unbelievable Your heart will never beat as fast It's undeniable And everything that you've been through It doesn't matter now that Love's come into your life. We Belong Together (D. Davis) - Love hurts - what a news flash! So it's either hurt or be hurt is it? Does it have to be that way? I don't think so. I'm ready to try again and I'll give it 100% this time - no egos, no pettiness, just love each other for the duration. Won't you please join me, one more time? We both know what it feels like when love fades away, When there is nothing to make it stay. Yet, here we are Have we forgotten the pain of the past? And are we willing to try once again. We're back to believing true love just has to last. So even though I know, we belong together Still I find it hard, hard to make you see That you and I should just be alone together And it won't take you long to see What you mean to me. All around there are reasons for romance to fail There are times even true love seems frail. But still we try, and we keep telling ourselves "it's the one" Are we closing our eyes to the truth? When we're back to believing true love has to last... And even though we know we could lose it all here Still we know that love is worth the chance. If you and I could just be alone together. It wouldn't take us long to start this romance.

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