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Under Skin
  • Artist: Shiver
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 733792391727
  • Item #: SRD239172
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/31/2002
  • This product is a special order
Price: $8.38
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Under Skin on CD

Shiver was a hard-hitting, raw bar rock band from Kansas City that broke up in 2003. They were chosen from 40 bands as the 2001 Kansas City/Lawrence area representative in the Jim Beam Rock Band Search and competed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver in July of that year. Shiver had been a finalist twice in 2002 Battle of the Band competitions and was selected for Helzberg's 2003 'Diamonds in the Rough' college CD. The price has been reduced so we can sell the rest. Get a copy of this great CD before they are all gone! HERE'S WHAT THE FANS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT SONGS FROM UNDER SKIN: AWESOME This CD kicks major bootie!! What a RUSH you get just listening to it. A GREAT BUY! -James Duke Omaha, NE Mid-Western Rock to Die For Under Skin is a must in the Rock-O-Holic's collection. With it's solid driving bass and drum lines,the insane guitar work, and off the wall vocals this CD has it all. God sure knew what he was doing when he put these four guys in a room together. I would recomend this to anyone, don't believe me.......see for yourself! - Trey Bland Kansas City, KS review I love the beat of this song. The guitar riffs are really cool. The vocals are well done and show good range. Overall this song is well arranged and mixed....good luck.... - drshock New Orleans, Louisiana Right on! Liked this from the start, musically, vocally, lyrically! Has an interesting flavor . . . I would pay attention if I heard this live. Made me think a little of Danzig. - mjohnson Phoenix, Arizona Nice beat Nice beat, love the break! Good vocals.. very nice job - NastyWizard Landover, Maryland Megadeath feel The vocs are really good, the guitars are heavy, right where they should be. Hte drums are kicking. I love the bass. I like the chord used for the chorus. - IROCKUROLL West Bend, Wisconsin Rock On ! Sounds great here... Vocals are great, nice job. Nice and tight.. Great back-ups nice touch. The tune rocks. Keep up the hard work. - DoubleDave Rockford, Illinois Jam that Sumbitch!!! My soundtech sittin here with me reviewin says this band sounds alot like my band,so what can I say,? this band simply kicks ass!!! - Lawton Lake Quivira, Kansas LIKE THE GUITAR RIFF INTRO GOOD VOCALS FRONT AND BACK. TASTY GUITAR LICKS. - SMOKEMAGNET Spokane/Yakima, Washington I get the idea of what you are going for. Nice clean production. Song structure is great, nice chord arrangements. Vocal 'aahs' a great attitude. - janettheory Chatham, Ontario, Canada Cool Tight performance. Guitar and drums sounded solid and were well done. Vocals were strong and fit good with the song. Production was very good. Overall a decent tune. Nice effort. -DUNAMIS Flint, Michigan Definite pro song I think the groove of this song is really strong, originality is awesome, nice riffs and arrangements, this sounds like a definite pro song. - Bob_13 Boston, Massachusetts Sweet Guitars are powerful and well done. Great beat. Good length. - 5D St. Louis, Missouri Good sounding distortion. I'm liking the vocals a lot. Good style and they blend with the music perfectly. Seriously, good tune guys. I like rockers that don't mess around. Just get in there and kick some ass. Keep it up. Later. - vmitch2 Tacoma, Washington Nice 'n bassy Lots of low end. The guitars sound great. The vocals are a little loud and take away from the overall impact of the bass and guitar working together. Pretty good song, the chorus pulls everything together. - maynert Victoria, British Columbia, Canada We Got the Beat As simple as this song is, I think it is cool as hell. Vocalist fits the music. Good mix on this song as well. - KRYL11 Orlando, Florida Straight Ahead! No Bullshit here! Straight ahead in your face rock! Vocals are good. They fit perfect with this music. Nice work! - vitonian Boston, Massachusetts Good rock tune - PeteCarr Lindenhurst, New York Song, musicians, singer were real good - richardeclectic Los Angeles, California raw... good ideas..pretty good playing and singing..i want to hear it a year from now.....your on the right track..keep it up - crmusician Cedar Rapids, Iowa This isn't a bad song...The music is good you have a good guitar sound. Recording is cool. Drums rock with the guitars. Bass is good. Keep it up. Good length for this song. Not too short and not too long. Just right. - ShatterBox Hartford, Connecticut I like I like, I like. - sebocious Milford, Michigan Ok Now! Decent Lyrics, drums were good along with the guitar, had a hard time hearing the bass, overall pretty good. - jimmycrack Hughson, California Rock This song sounds rocking, it's pretty good. - nogginmusic North Port, Florida not bad This song isn't what I like, but it is what's in like The Strokes, good singer and solid band . - creamydeluxe St. Pete, Florida fist pumpin metal Raise hell. I bet you guys like to fight. Attitude will take you far. Good Pre chorus into the chorus. Good guitar tone, Lots of down picking. F***'n'A - mesaman Columbia, South Carolina.

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