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  • Artist: Silent Reunion
  • UPC: 884501495509
  • Item #: 149522X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 3/29/2011
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Hush on CD

Thank you for taking the time to experience Silent Reunion. Silent Reunion just released their debut album "hush" and are a strong force in Philadelphia. Their sound has yet to be labelled, melodic, jazz influenced, metal & punk roots, hauntingly pure vocals, electro experimentation. The multi-instrumentalist members are one ingredient to their melting pot genre. Core members Pete Benes and Billy Mosteller both have a long history in music and the scene. Bill M. once bassist for electro-funk-punk band "heyhey" and also played guitar and drums in metal projects such as "I hope you die" and "kazm". Pete B. grew up in musical family and has played guitar and sang in projects like heavy metal band "When Angels Fall" and is also in a folk, gypsy, blues group called "Elkdog". Zak Theis, lead guitarist has made his mark in the band with his mesmerizing, fiery, guitar lines and melodic lead encampments. Straight out of Berklee, Theis was involved in an experimental, jazz fusion, band called "Homeworld" before joining Silent Reunion. Silent Reunion's shows are growing and their fans are there every step of the way. Silent Reunion by it's very definition means a quiet meeting of people who have not met for a long time. When we go a step further we come to find a belief through a quiet intertwining of feelings and language. Perhaps when the band Silent Reunion set out on their musical journey they had not thought to a great extent how true their music would fit these two words they chose to represent themselves. Indeed through soulful experimentation, a dizzying rotation of musicians, and a varying array of musical genres Silent Reunion has emerged with their debut album HUSH. Through the quiet intertwining of feelings expressed through the hauntingly comforting vocals of Pete Benes, Billy Mosteller's drum rhythms that make you pay attention, and the flawless backbone of guitar riffs by Zak Theis they shake us alive. When the language of the music is introduced we then realize that these three multi-talented musicians have the ability to switch instrumental responsibility and take us down a completely different path of feelings. It is then it becomes obvious just how special Silent Reunion are. The band has used childhood familiarity to express the rhythms and vibrations of a town, Phoenixville. With the scene growing by the week, Silent Reunion has arrived and has risen to the top. The road is endless with possibility, much like the music they create...HUSH though this is a language only those that pay close attention can understand.