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Flavour of Being EP
  • Artist: Simplifires
  • UPC: 7502233181042
  • Item #: CDBY331810
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/10/2010
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Flavour of Being EP on CD

The music and lyrics for the five songs that make up this EP began as soon as the 'sanitary emergency' arose in april 2009, having it's epicenter in Mexico City (where the band is based) as the world was taken aback by the AH1N1 virus pandemic. Nothing else to do but staying at home. Gigs being cancelled, Simplifires took this as an opportunity to gather and play through new ideas and Polish old ones into something else. They did it. Maybe inspired by the context, the band threw in five intense and melodic rock songs that journey through different moods. No wonder why this EP is entitled 'The Flavor of Being, Burns'. The band arrived at the studio by summer 2009 with solid ideas, but no songs at all. It was there, playing and recording these ideas that the songs took form into what they're today. This new approach to their music brought a fresh point of view. 'Not doing the obvious' was the consensus, being that in their debut album 'Why People Make Countries' the band gathered their most spontaneous rock impulses with great results, which led them to performa at Canadian Music Week, South By Southwest and the biggest rock festival in Latin America, Festival Vive Latino, all in 2009. All the tracks of the EP were performed, arranged, recorded and produced by the band, with daveO and Shine as main engineers and they had the amazing help from fellow artist Torreblanca for recording some accordion tracks. The EP title track 'The Flavour of Being' was mixed in Electric Lady studios by John O'Mahony, who is a well known friend of the band since their days in New York, when the band was having a residence at Pianos NYC in late 2008. John has worked as mixer engineer for artist like Coldplay (for the Grammy nominated 'Viva la Vida...'), The Strokes, System of a Down, among many others. The sound of this EP is well refined, powerful and bright. Five songs to journey through all the moods with a taste of melancholy that will make you want to listen to it all over and over again.