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Ultimate Live Drum Circles 2 CD Set
  • Artist: S.L. Ratigan
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479921803
  • Item #: SRD992180
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 11/18/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.15
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Ultimate Live Drum Circles 2 CD Set on CD

These are the kind of jams that make you want to pick up a drum and jam along, or get on out to a drum circle as soon as you can. There's over two and a half hours total in all to listen to. All are separate tracks about 8 minutes each. Plenty of time so you can relax, and settle into a good groove. It's actually pretty hard to get decent sounding drum circle recordings. Many of them come out sounding mushy or with too much on one end, or background noise. Overly orchestrated ones in recording studios can be a bit stale and don't have that organic sound we create. These live recordings came out clear and clean sounding because we were able to use 4 microphones and a soundboard. They were recorded at live concert venues with good acoustics. It was kind of a set up the soundboard, get the sound as best as possible, and then go host a drum circle. This whole thing is over a period of months. Anyway, just like at most regular drum circles, we start out different rhythms from various cultures and away it goes. You can hear a few mistakes here and there but that's how drum circles go. On the other hand, the beautiful nuances of the Native American wood flutes, and Australian didgeridoos were lead instruments on a few pieces, because we were able to mic them up and hear them. This drum circle music varies from grooving, meditative, and passionate, right on up to riveting, and rocking. On seven of the tracks, there's wood flutes and didgeridoos in there with the drumming. The light sounding wood flute adds a hint of melody floating over the drum beat, and the didgeridoo adds a sort of a grounding bass to the bottom. Pretty cool. On a couple of tracks there is an electric flute in there doing some amazing echoing sounds. There's a few chants, some hoots and hollers, plus a few jungle calls in there for good measure. There was also a number of bellydancers driving the us to heightened levels of excitement, and vice verse. I hope you enjoy these mp3s / CD's. I priced them as low as possible. Having been a starving artist for most of my life, I always appreciate a good value for my money, especially in difficult times. Thanks for helping to support us, and independent music.

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