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  • Artist: Slap Maggy
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 837101379809
  • Item #: CDBY137980
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/31/2007
  • This product is a special order
Price: $16.76
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Damage on CD

Slap Maggy is a band that takes the show just as serious as the music. It's pretty amazing how these five guys from different bands and other projects found each other. All egos aside, they have the passion, the talent, and the unbridled enthusiasm to bring you their brand of hard rock in it's purest form. Born from several incarnations and inversions of the pool of South Michigan talent, Slap Maggy has been pressing and pushing to be the best band they can be. Since the day they found the right guys with the right chemistry they started writing. They started writing songs that they wanted to hear. They write songs with strong hooks, memorable melodies, grinding grooves and enough guitar to satisfy even the most critical long-haired guy that stands in the back of the bar with his arms crossed all night. Over the course of early 2006, they commissioned Andy Patalan to record their music at "The Loft" where many of Detroit's finest have made their magic. The record, "DAMAGE" came as a result of this partnership and has been independently released by the band. "DAMAGE" has something for everyone. From the grinding groove of "Your Love" and the Jager drinking beer swizzling of "Way to Go" to the political statement of "Land's End" and the emotions of "On My Way", the band melds a variety of tastes into one consistent sound. They have honed their live show by cutting their teeth in several markets, playing as many dates as they could book since they got together. Their following and reputation grew enough to earn them the right to share the stage with acts such as Crossfade, Dope, Sponge, Throttlebody, Egypt Central and Hydrovibe. They have also shared the bill with Ozzfest bands Circus Diablo and Mondo Generator. With the release of "DAMAGE", Slap Maggy is ready to get their music to the masses by whatever means necessary. They WILL be at a place near YOU!!

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