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  • Artist: Sounds of Sinai
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501619813
  • Item #: 165110X
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 9/30/2011
  • Rank: 89857
Price: $26.66

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Halleluyah! Praise Yah family. NCCI would like to thank and praise the almighty Elohim (God) Yah profusely for the Sounds of Sinai led by Professor Uriah Scott and our Engineer Brian Cauthen who through much trial and tribulation has constructed music to glorify the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose Holy name is Yah, the giver of life and the rewarder of righteousness (Psalm 68:4). Sounds of Sinai (SOS) was conceived by the New Covenant Congregation of Yisrael Charlotte to establish a musical ministry dedicated to the worship and praise of our almighty creator Yah. We sincerely hope that all of our listeners will be edified by this genre of Sinaitic praise and adoration and that all listeners are uplifted, inspired and edified as they hear music creatively conceived, composed and constructed for the glorification of Yah the Father. Father Yah we love you and we appreciate you and we thank you for all that you have done for us even in the state of our infirmities and uncleanness. We just love you so much. Thank you for loving us and being there for us. Sounds of Sinai is the musical arm of the New Covenant Congregation of Yisrael Charlotte (NCCI) led by present Congregational Overseer and Teacher Hiwatha Bell. NCCI is a purely Torah based Sinaitic Institution affirmed by the New Testament, dedicated to teaching and evangelizing the word of Yah through various disquisitions and presentations and most profoundly through our musical ministry, the Sounds of Sinai. Our organization focuses upon the worship and praise of the one who created heaven and earth and has given breath to all that resides in them; Yah (Luke 4:8).