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Morning Sky
  • Artist: Southlands
  • UPC: 8021051000254
  • Item #: CDBY000254
  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 11/17/2009
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Morning Sky on CD

Southlands "THE MORNING SKY" (Studiottanta-Fortuna Records /cat.SFRC-CD025) - C&P SFR2009 South Burning : This is the first song we wrote, in winter 2002, with the kind help of a bottle of red ialian wine. Deep freezing just make you want to drop everything and heading South...the south burning. Mr Killerman : Sometimes you run away from a real trouble, sometimes you run away from your obsessions, but they keep on teasing you if you stop. The piece we move : When your woman is The One, your love can't be just platonic, and you find out that there are endless moves on the lovingboard. It's sex with no limits! Company week-end : It's a close rock n' roll description of our post-gig nights when we eat just cranked out pizzas by our abusive baker. The song begin with the laught of our friend "Ginone" from Salento, Apulia, a man full of joy and ended with the barks of "Gianduia", a faithful funny dog that keep guard over the recording studio. A detailed rock n' roll description of our post-gig nights, when we eat pizza in overcrowded cars. (Clouds) The Morning Sky : When your family relationships go wrong with no reason, it's like clouds covering the morning sky In the middle of me : In your inner thoughts there are memories of promises made when you were together, sitting on a big tree branch, but after eight years of problems, you can't kept your words. Dust in the Dark : A friend writes poems with a "noir" taste, he reads us one of them and we get the inspiration for this song from it's first verse: a drunk girl, alone in a bar, far away from everything and everybody decides to kill herself. Drive : In our band there is a real "on the road" lover; this song talks about the amazing pleasure of a day spent just driving free with no destination. The devil girl : Some guys in the band were struggling against their "devil girl"...nothing is good, so we find ourselves in Christmas time driving along the desert Ticino river bank. The lyrics come in this situation. The night ends with a nonsense performance of our singer who joined a gospel choir during a Christmas party, in one of the colleges of Pavia. Three drops of rain : This song is born in a perfect creative atmosphere for a musician: a week in a magical place in Salento, with others musicians and friends, lost between the fields and the sea, just writing and playing songs. You can't help describing what's going on: that day, a few drops of rain fell down on the red ground and stonewalls all around the house. Revolver rock : Sometimes Rock is an overwhelming and wonderful stream of consciousness which becomes music. You would like to shoot the system we live in: you would like to break law, burn photos, and throw all the money away. Free gasoline : Possessive girfriends make us thinking about the best way to live our freedom. But it's not just a thought: relationships broke down, ex girlfriends are crying in their houses, and somebody looks for his "free gasoline" driving around the world, others sailing in the sea.