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Spirit of India
  • Label: Arc Music
  • UPC: 5019396290426
  • Item #: 2290973X
  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 5/22/2020
Price: $14.25
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Spirit of India on CD

India is a country of a great variety of cultures, both in traditional customs and in music. There are two major systems in Indian classical music: North Indian classical music (Hindustani Sangeet) and South Indian classical music (Carnatic Sangeet). There have been many families dedicated to Indian classical music for many generations. The Sabri family is one of the few families who have served North Indian classical music for the last eight generations. The Sabri family come from an important gharana (school of music), the Moradabad Gharana. This gharana brought forth many great musicians and vocalists such as Ustad Chhajju Khan, Ustad Nazeer Khan, Ustad Aman Ali Khan, Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa Khan, Ustad Maseet Khan, Ustad Keramtaullah Khan and Ustad Sabri Khan... The Sabri Family are known for their virtuosity in playing a very important and difficult musical instrument, the sarangi. Ustad Sabri Khan is responsible for introducing the sarangi to the world through his successful world tours accompanied on tabla by his eldest son Sarvar Sabri. He introduced the world's first sarangi duo with his son Kamal, the world's first live 'three generations of sarangi playing' (Ustadji, Kamal and Suhail) and the world's first sarangi ensemble, consisting of five sarangis. His achievements have been highly praised by the listening public as well as critics, musicians and scholars around the world. This is the first actual recording of "The Sabri Family" with three generations of sarangi players plus tabla from one family, all coming together to create a soulful musical experience for their listeners.

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