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Where Are You?
  • Artist: Spirit'N'Jazz
  • UPC: 4006180809729
  • Item #: SRD808097
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 3/2/2010
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Where Are You? on CD

Alan Olmstead, Kaleidophonic Jazz, WXJZ-FM Gainesville Florida: Clean and simple contemporary jazz with a European flair featuring the delightfully innocent vocal style of Leyla Tugal reminiscent of Astrud Gilberto in the 60's. - 28-01-2010 Ron J. Pelletier, Gallery 41, San Francisco, CA Evening Jazz / KCSM-FM91: The CD "... grabs your attention within the first couple of measures into the introduction...and then keeps your attention. Excellent recording, everyone's playing sounds great and Leyla has a beautiful voice as well." 15-12-2009 Peter Burford - Jazz Vibes Coast FM 96,3, Gosford/Sydney, Australia: Wow !!!!!!!!! This sounds fantastic. Truly a great sound, vocals and music combination 10 out of 10. It will definitely feature on next Jazz Vibes. 24-02-2010 Valerie Brown, Coral Coast Radio, Bundaberg, Queensland Australia: Comments from listeners received were: "lovely guitar work"; 'beautiful gentle voice'; 'the music is so mellow and relaxing, almost spiritual'. We will give it maximum airplay. - Beautiful music. 08-02-2010 MDR - Take Five, Leipzig, Germany 15-02-2010: Spirit'N'Jazz - 'Where are you?' Musicians from England and Germany are meeting in the project "Spirit'N'Jazz". They are not the big names of the scene, but are experienced musicians who have been playing together since 15 years. The German-Turkish singer Leyla Tugal lends a perfect-pictured face to the project. Smooth Jazz ballads are developing here, accessible for everyone, own compositions densely woven, sometimes a bit compliant, but never facile. And, what is rare in the genre of jazz ballads, some lyrics are living in the here and now, like 'Treasure', which is dealing with the financial world. Musikansich. De, Berlin, Germany, February 2010: Spirit'N'Jazz are ranging between Jazz (logic!), Pop and randomness. And they are doing that pretty well. Okay, there are some thinner and a bit boring takes like "Treasure" or "So you got Hope". But these are just the low lights of a good album. Alltogether the gentlemen around Leyla Tugal succeed to create a beautiful combination of sentiment, fragileness, tranqulity and self-assurance. The opener und title track is a wonderful soft number with rhythmic acoustic guitar, a thrilling trombone solo and a soft female vocal. As a whole this comes close to Matt Bianco. "A Life in 4 Minutes" must have been a very relaxed life, so contentedly this guitar is flowing without any evil tone. This suits "Duality" later on, another instrumental. Possibly these tracks are standing for the first half of the band name. If so, then the spirituality of this quintet is part of the tranquility of transcendency, without ever drifting to the sweetness of the pseudo-spiritual new age or wellness-products. The second part of the band name is always coming up. To name a special representative it is best to take the breathy Soft-Jazz "Bless me". The highlight next to the opener comes in the middle. "Two" is delighting with a wonderful sparkling piano and later on with a softly played trombone in front of acoustic guitar. Norbert von Fransecky Concerto Austria, February/March 2010: Spirit'N'Jazz - Where are you? Elements of Andalusian Flamenco are combining with influences from Lounge and New-Jazz, even bluesy elements can be heard. Sounds confusing? But it is not! This CD - the second from this formation - was produced in a session like manner. The instrumentalists have a certain sound, a certain melody, which they do not write down before charismatic singer Leyla Tugal gets involved. She listens to the music, she searches for lyrics and develops the words. This is playing music in a spontaneous way, not random improvised music though, these are catchy tunes crowned with the pleasing vocals of Leyla Tugal. Nothing is overproduced or over played, you can relax, lean back and simply listen. Akro Soulsite. De Germany, January 2010: Where are you? - Spirit'N'Jazz Originally soul has come from spiritual Gospel and elements of Jazz. You still can find these roots in diverse pieces of so called Neo-Soul-artists. But at Spirit'N'Jazz the concept goes vice visa. The musicians of the band start improvising at the beginning and are climbing up to a souly feeling by playing emotional melodies. Very discreetly you can hear Derek Crehan on his guitar, rarely dominant ("A Life in 4 Minutes"), finally this is souly Jazz and not the posing of a rock-shredder. The strings are played softly and are delivering a touch of Latin within. Piano player Gunter Hauser is agreeing to this style in harmonic dialog with Crehan. Accordingly the song "So You Got Hope" could be the theme of the album, questioning, where are you? - spiritually, or not. This inner tension of many is transferred into rhythms by drummer Richard Evans with his sometimes quiet or rhythmically faster beats. Trombone player Paul Douglas is contributing the instrumental treat of the album. He is always playing on top. Leyla Tugal's voice however is a bit weak at some places, like on "Bless Me", but Douglas is even stronger. The exception: "Life Dance", where the singer and the trombone are rhythmically and tonally perfectly fine-tuned. The spirit and the jazz of course. - Linda Könnecke Digitale Jazzzeitung Edelhagen, Germany: ' Spirit'N'Jazz - Where are you ?' / Jaro Medien/ 27. January 2010 After the last CD "Can you see...?" had achieved diverse placements, one could tell already now, that the new CD from Spirit'N'Jazz will go a similar way. Themes which are bearing in content their own sensible kind of melody and text by improvisation. Singer Leyla Tugal is contributing to this as well as Derek Crehan, Gunter Hauser or Paul Douglas and Richard Evans. Thematic sound painting as well as fusion are creating a dense atmosphere. In the booklet there are quotations pointing to different cultures when listening. A CD on an international level with down to earth qualities. Foyer, Bremen, Germany, February 2010: ... In the first case it is the German-Turkish Leyla Tugal and her Band Spirit'N'Jazz. "Where are you?" is the title of the album which is published by the Bremen label Jaro Media. It is the second publication from the quintet, which is put up by German and English musicians around the ethereally singing front lady. Spirit'N'Jazz are preferring a melange of Pop and Jazz, which comes sometimes easy and a bit "laid back" sounding like "muzak" then. But in the next moment the musicians start extended improvising excursions, which are especially interesting by the unusual line up with trombone to e-piano (or organ), guitar and drums. On these trips the musicians are always and consequently finding their way to Jazz, without loosing relaxation. Jazz Podium Germany, February 2010: Spirit'N'Jazz (D|H Records/Jaro Medien 8097-2) with their blend of meditative spirituality - with quotations from various world religions - and often bluesy, but unostentatious musical themes have finally quite success. All sounds nice and smooth, is technically well done, sagely instrumented and also the voice is convincing... Volker Seubert, Radio Darmstadt 103,4 MHz, Germany: A wonderful Spirit'N'Jazz album again. 11-2009 Pascal Miguet, SommerCable. De, Januar 2010: New CD 'Where are you?' from Spirit'N'Jazz... Wonderful music, very sympathetic musicians and an outstanding sound can be admired on the new release. Naturally there are Sommer Cables involved, but first of all you can hear the technically very good recordings of producer Gunter Hauser, the man for technical and musical details. 12-2009.