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Eject Your Mind
  • Artist: Static
  • Label: City Centre Offices
  • UPC: 4015698099621
  • Item #: SRD980996
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2/4/2002
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Eject Your Mind on CD

Modular pop, anthemish circuit cuddlings, or maybe simply electronica, always on the verge between song and track: there is a good number of cosy little drawers one could open in order to find an appropriate language to describe Static's music. One can be sure, however, that in a better world, Static's music would be played on heavy rotation everywhere between Iceland and Japan and lucky owners of oldskool jukeboxes would cut dubplate after dubplate to feed their little machines with tracks from Eject Your Mind. Static is one of a few monikers of Hanno Leichtmann, a Berlin-based musician. If not working on Static material, he plays in various other projects like Paloma, Ich Schwitze Nie or DJ Attaché & the Beige Oscillator. On Eject Your Mind, Static combines quiet dsp-stills with a warm, almost investigative pop appeal, resulting in a perfect illusion of a crumbly-glitchy electronica aquarium, in which small sounds, dubby echos, minimal beats and beautiful melodies walk hand in hand. Such music needs vocals. So, Static picked up the phone and invited Ronald Lippok (To Rococo Rot, Tar water) and Justine Electra to join him in his studio. The CD-version also features a special video application ('type f for fullscreen'), developed by Joshua Goldberg, a New York-based video artist, together with Mr. Static, to give macintosh users the chance to visualize this beautiful, stunning album.