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  • Artist: Steve Jones
  • UPC: 875531006643
  • Item #: 145570X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/4/2011
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $19.14
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Pictures on CD

Steve Jones is a Vancouver city born rocker who moved to the Sunny Okanagan and is now livin' the dream. Cliche? Surrounded by all types of music at home, and under the influence of four older siblings growing up in the 60s and 70s, he started writing music and playing the guitar at the mature age of nine. He always seemed to have a band on the go, whether two members or five, moving from basement/garage/attic to festival/theatre/stage, and all the while having a blast, at least he sure makes it look that way. 'Peak' and 'Foreign Exchange' found teenage-Steve experimenting with originals. 'Loose Change' gave him experience playing with a cover band, rocking up the local scene as the house band in the mid 90s for the 'Barking Parrot Bar' at the 'Penticton Lakeside Resort'. This then led to the long standing friendship and partnership with Kyle Anderson, with Steve joining the 'Amazing Rubber Band' in 2000, still, currently Penticton's 'House Band'. The Rubber Band recorded their first of several CDs in 2004, which was #1 on the local charts in Penticton for two weeks, beating out bands such as U2. He had, however, already discovered the excitement of recording originals with 'Full Circle' in 1999, released in 2006 as an EP. He recorded 'Acoustic Bootleg' just for fun to go along with a concert in the same year, and then later released the award winning 'Clear Blue Sky' in 2008. Clear Blue Sky, although a breakthrough album, was in some ways a catalyst for his next c.d. 'Pictures'. Early in 2010, Steve took time out from the 'Pictures' project to re-release Full Circle, now featuring six bonus tracks from a live concert, 'Live Unplugged' providing momentum to finish and release the already bubbling and brewing album 'Pictures' in 2011. Always moving forward, this album is not only lovely to listen to, but also pleasing to the eye, with lyrics, fold out and yes, you guessed it, pictures to look at. Although his songs are identifiable to all ages, they speak with wisdom and experience and tend to lift the spirits and make you smile and say 'aha, I get that', filled with realism and truth, they are yet hopeful and uplifting. My guess is - listen and you WILL enjoy.