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Blue Parade
  • Artist: Steve Waitt
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 660662922142
  • Item #: SRD292214
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 6/17/2008
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Blue Parade on CD

Raised in Arizona, Steve Waitt still isn\'t sure where he was actually born. A consummate singer/songwriter with a voice as mournful as it is passionate, there is a unique marriage to be found between his delicate, sometimes lonely timbre, and his emotionally charged songs. Absorbing his parents favorite records from early on, Steve tinkered away from the age of seven. He found a piano in his living room, and was instantly hooked. Singing came soon after, as he would be chosen to join a prestigious boys choir and perform extensively throughout Europe and the U.S. From a musical kindergarten to a major of the same in university, he felt his course was clear. School now behind him and feeling slightly protected by the quiet backdrop of Arizona, Steve decided to leave home. Taking with him just a guitar, he traveled through Mexico and the west, eventually arriving in San Francisco. The people he met, and their stories had now begun to replace the records of his youth. In each person was another song, and a view into a life that was more different and desperate than his own. The music that came, reflected this. In his debut album \'Blue Parade\' set for release this summer, there is a collection of songs as taxing as they are accomplished. He then left the coast, moving from town to town working odd jobs to keep him afloat. His search for the rawness of the world eventually led him to New Orleans. To Steve, a town filled with those who are either searching, lost or hiding, was like finding a rare vinyl collection. A walk in the French Quarter left him sitting in an empty bar asking the owner if he could play their piano. A gold colored grande sat in the corner of The Gennifer Flowers Club, and looked as gaudy as it did inviting. Steve would go onto play a nightly gig there for the next year. A hotbed of musical genius such as Professor Longhair, James Booker, and Doctor John, Steve absorbed everything from the atmosphere and ease, to the darker side of the swamp. His live set reflects the effect of New Orleans in every aspect. The colder ballads depict a disposition of self inflicted woe and a worldly kind of resigned acceptance. A kind of lyric that can only be sung by someone who has lived it through and through. The upbeat numbers are sung with an intensity showing a yearning for escape into a temporary drowning of the senses. A vehicle for his voice now found, and coupled with the urge to reach more people, Steve decided to leave. He packed up his van with a Fender Rhodes, a guitar, some harmonicas and all of his songs, and left for New York City. Since arriving three years ago, Steve has made a home in the indie circuit of Manhattan. He plays regularly at some of the city\'s most respected listening rooms including The Living Room, Pianos and The Rockwood Music Hall. With the addition of some of New York\'s most talented musicians, Steve Waitt\'s music has grown again into something larger than he had first expected. His name has found it's way into many critics favorites lists, and has attracted a devoted following with his ability to make you feel his songs are yours. On the brink of a long awaited European tour, Steve is excited. \'I can't wait to get moving again, even if it's just for the tour.\' \'I have another album of songs to write, so I have to go find them!\' Blue Parade drops June 1st 2008.

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