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  • Brand: Stott Pilates
  • Theme: Fitness
  • UPC: 690650062062
  • Item #: 1751729X
  • Available Date: 7/7/2016
  • Model Number: ST-06206
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STOTT PILATES Stability Ball with Pump (Black), 22 inch / 55 cm

Challenge the deepest stabilizing muscles in your body while exercising on the unstable base of this 55cm (22") Stability Ball™. Designed to improve balance and strength as well as tone your body, this Stability Ball is also used as an office chair. Safety tested under 250kg (550lbs) of pressure. Sold individually, this Stability Ball is ideal for those under 170cm (5' 3") tall. Includes BONUS Exercise Guide!

  • Ideal for those 4'11" to 5’3”
  • Anti-burst up to 550 lbs
  • Includes hand pump

Workout While Sitting The Stability Ball is a great for improving your posture and strengthening your core and back at home or office. Through active sitting, challenge your core to support the spine and maintain balance on the ball.

Add Dynamic Challenge to Your Workouts The Stability Ball adds challenge to your workouts by providing a plane of instability that forces joints and muscles to react to maintain your balance. Workout the lower body with exercises like Wall Squats, the upper body in Balance Planks, and the Core with V-Sit Ups.

Stretch Out & Improve Flexibility The Stability Ball is a great tool for a post-workout stretch or any time tension has you stiff and sore. Stretching increases your flexibility and range of motion, and also relieves the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during your workouts.

Repair Back Pain & Improve Posture Back pain is often the result of having weak stabilizing muscles supporting your joints. Without muscular support, your joints simply collapse. The Stability Ball is effective in rehabilitating your back because it strengthens and develops the core muscles that help to stabilize the spine.


  • Anti-burst polyvinyl
  • Latex free & non-slip ribbed surface
  • Includes hand pump

How to inflate

Note: For full inflation inflate ball, allow to rest for 2 days, and then complete inflation to ensure that ball is the proper size.

  • 1. Remove plug from ball with double pronged lifter
  • 2. Attach plastic needle to pump (on some pumps the needle is stored in the handle; remove small plug on end of plunger to locate storage compartment)
  • 3. Insert needle, inflate to desired firmness and replace plug

How do I clean my ball? If necessary, clean dirty spots with a combination of tea tree oil and water on a lightly moistened cloth. A mixture of mild soap and water can be used to remove more persistent dirt. Ensure cleaner used does not make surfaces slippery and that ball is completely dry before using.

How should I care/handle? • Maintain control of the Stability Ball at all times while exercising • Do not use Stability Ball if it appears worn or damaged. • Keep away from sharp objects • Never use corrosive cleaning products

How do I choose the correct size ball? A Stability Ball, when sized properly, makes for an active chair when sitting at a desk, keeping your core engaged, preventing and rehabilitating back injuries while improving posture. The general guidelines in choosing the correct ball size are: 4'11" to 5'3" height 55 cm ball 5'4" to 5'11" height: 65 cm ball 6' to 6' 7" height 75 cm ball Deflate the ball until your body is aligned so that when sitting your knees are at a right angle and your thighs parallel to the ground. If you are close to a cut-off point, opt for the larger size and deflate accordingly (this will also lead to a more comfortable chair).


Diameter: 55cm (22")

Weight: 0.55 lbs