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Back to Chaos
  • Artist: Strange Attractor
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 753701250921
  • Item #: CDBY125092
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/2/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Back to Chaos on CD

As "A Strange Attractor", we describe our sound as "Jamericana" -- a Rock-based gumbo seasoned with Reggae, Funk, World Beat and Americana. Toby Bates plays multiple keyboards (including a vintage Hammond B3), sings and writes. Walter McKinney plays bass and guitar, sings and writes. Ken Carloni plays an electric guitar outfitted with a string bending system of his own design, Fender 6 and 12-string guitars, banjo and bass, sings and writes. David Parker plays all manner of percussion. Track 1: 'You Find Love'. Toby's tribute to John Lennon, this cut opens with country flavored licks, but soon blends rock and ska rhythms into the mix. Track 2: 'She's the Only One'. Straight ahead rock'n'roll seasoned with a touch of New Wave, driven by Walter's rhythm guitar. Track 3: 'Snap'. An upbeat tune about struggling against, but ultimately surrendering to love, with highly musical guitar and piano lead work from Ken and Toby. Track 4: 'Southbound Train'. Walter's parting shot to love gone wrong, this song blends banjo and B3 organ for a completely unique 'swamp rock' sound. Track 5: 'As Above, So Below'. A solid reggae groove backs this song of desperation and determination. Lyrics inspired by ancient wisdom and Jimmy Cliff's classic film 'The Harder They Come'. Track 6: 'Take a Stand'. A call to action written by Toby during the 'forest wars' that gripped our part of the planet in the late 1990s. Track 7: 'When It's Gone'. Foot-stompin' classic R&B! Get up and shake it! Track 8: 'She's so Tough'. Walter's brooding lament on the trials and tribulations of asymmetrical love. Track 9: 'All I Know'. Upbeat lyrics, strong vocal harmonies and soaring leads drive this vey danceable rock song. Track 10: 'I'm Going Insane'. A funky beat and talk-box guitar back Walter's exasperated lyrics. Track 11: 'Oweyo'. Drummer David Parker invented this rhythm during a jam one night by combining Soukous beats from the Congo with Americana roots rhythms -- a style we named 'Bluekous'. Ken used a traditional African progression with finger-picked guitar lines to round out this musical casserole. Track 12: 'Find the Truth'. This final track on the CD takes you 'back to chaos'. The truth is out there... BAND BIO: David and Toby began playing together 32 years ago, Ken joined them 24 years ago, and Walter rounded out the current configuration 3 years ago. In the past, we've not been a touring band, although all of us have made a living as musicians at some stage of our lives. Together we have over 150 years of performance experience. We have all settled into quiet obscurity in the magical valleys along the Umpqua River in Oregon, and have day jobs as a certified arborist, a middle school teacher, a college professor, and an eco-forester. We're the local color at restaurants, festivals, benefits, parties and weddings in our neck of the woods. With the release of our debut CD, however, we plan to be doing a lot more live performing in the Western States. We've been writing songs for many decades, and have chosen 12 of our favorites for this CD. We think that you'll agree that our solid musicianship, clean vocal harmonies, soulful lyrics, and the "Jamericana" creole that we've cooked up over the years are righteous ear fare.