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Blowout Bin
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  • Brand: Quantum Mechanix
  • Theme: DC
  • UPC: 812095022245
  • Item #: 2040347X
  • Available Date: 4/23/2018
  • Model Number: DCC-0302
List Price: $14.95
Price: $3.99
You Save: $10.96 (73%)
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Supervillains unite! Or at least pretend to get along with your fellow elite strike-force team members as you take on dangerous covert missions. Each of our Suicide Squad Lapel Pins sets includes three richly enameled designs that are based on artwork straight from DC Comics' design vault. Our first of three lapel pins sets features: Deadshot. Part of Gotham City's long line of rogues, Deadshot is an assassin, expert marksman and lethal DC Universe villain, aka Floyd Lawton. He lives by a simple code: do the job that you're hired for with the least amount of casualties possible. After all, you're not being paid to waste bullets. Enchantress. By speaking the word "Enchantress," freelance artist June Moone can change from her blonde-haired blue-eyed self into the raven-haired green-eyed Enchantress. As Enchantress, she is a powerful sorceress, able to heal, teleport and manipulate magical energy. Captain Boomerang. Aussie George "Digger" Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, never met a boomerang he couldn't hurl in the name of crime. He's also itching to ditch the explosive bracelet that Amanda Waller uses to keep him in line. Check out Suicide Squad Lapel Pins - Set 2 and Set 3. They'd be great additions to your supervillain collection.

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