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It may have tried to pose as Godzilla, but once the outer skin comes off, there’s no mistaking the mechanical robot nature of Mechagodzilla!

This articulated, 3.75” scale Toho ReAction Figure of Mechagodzilla features bright silver “Space Titanium” paint detail from the 1974 film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

Taken from the end of the Shōwa era, this Toho ReAction Figure of Mechagodzilla ‘74 shows that the threat to humanity is still grave, and Godzilla may be our only hope!

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3¾ action figure of our childhood. The iconic size and sculpting style was simple while allowing our imagination to go all in on our daily adventures. With ReAction Figures, we continue the classic size while making the figures we wished we had while growing up.

  • Ages 14+