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In the Fire
  • Artist: Swandive
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479463211
  • Item #: SRD946321
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/10/2006
Price: $7.06
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In the Fire on CD

Have you ever felt like you've gotten too caught up in what other people think of you? Do you ever feel like everyone around you, including the media, are telling you how to live your life? From the shoes you wear & the food you eat, to the personalities that you admire - the attention is focused on one thing. You have to be like everyone else. After all, if you're not like everyone else, you won't fit in and you won't be happy. In Swandive's latest recording, In The Fire (2006), the band explores some of the most fundamental lessons in life - be yourself, stay vital & keep your cool along the way. The featured song, In the Fire, confronts you with a dynamic assault - bass heavy, popping drum-work, juxtaposed with a biting, yet delicate overlay of soulful melody. Your first impression might be to pulse with the beat; but then you realize you've been swept into a trance. You ask yourself, "What's he saying about the moonlight in her eyes?" "And why can't I stop moving to the beat?" It doesn't matter, it's only a brief moment into the song and you're swaying along in time. While you're gliding along at pace, Swandive then propels you into a starlit universe full of the curious and paradoxical. Gravity pulls you in to an often misunderstood, yet familiar state of mind. "Harmonic fields are whispers from the depths of space", he pronounces. "Making trails into a new beginning". On the frontiers of space, "stranded on this living rock" - it is up to you how you're going to go about it. This song provides a convenient launch-pad and encourages you to think about your place in the universe. The vigorous flow and atypical chorus help to get you there. The band possesses a truly unique blend of artistry, style & musicianship. Coupled with a unique approach to song-writing, as evident in Too Much Noise, and a sensible attitude to recording & production, you have all the necessary parts for a captivating time. Swandive's collective experience, as musicians and as aficionados of the art form, has also made an indelible impression in their repertoire. Thusly, Swandive's approach to music can be summed up by describing it as "simple brilliance". The idea of striving for simple brilliance permeates through Swandive's attitude, recordings and live performances. The band truly accomplishes this hi-fidelity approach in their latest recording. As you feel the last frantic breath in You Kind of Remind Me, you realize you just took a journey outside the bounds of the everyday. Since forming in late 2003, Swandive has developed an impassioned and energetic live performance that has kept audiences riveted and returning for more. Sustained by a fervent fan base, steady radio support and regular live performances, this talented ensemble has quickly emerged as a must see in the indie-rock music scene.

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