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That's My Heart Beating /  COLD
  • Artist: Tdo with Refa
  • Label: Bloom Music
  • UPC: 4562101890080
  • Item #: 2601527X
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • Release Date: 12/8/2023
7" Single 
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That's My Heart Beating / COLD on 7" Single

TDO by Kuosimode (currently on hiatus) member Takahiro Matsuoka 'matzz' (percussions), and Yusuke Horikoshi (guitar), who is active in the works and live performances of Def Tech and Kimaglen. The phantom work that they released in limited numbers only at live venues in 2017 has been powered up by a new vocalist, Refa, and has finally been officially released!

'That's My Heart Beating' included in Side-A is an urban mellow and neo-soul song with an impressive groovy synth bass and 80s-style synth that captures the 'season' of the song. . In this 7-inch version, Etetsu Takamiya has edited this work, which is originally over 6 minutes long, into a special 7' version that can only be heard here. 'COLD' included on the B-Side is tight and groovy.

Although it has a UK soul taste centered around breakbeats, it is a song that is directly connected to the dance floor with a modern use of tones and sense. While showing respect for R&B, SOUL, and DISCO, it is a song that is contemporary to the current era. This work has been thoroughly updated to reflect his feelings, and both sides are dedicated to all music fans!

Artist Profile


Watusi, who has produced many club hits as COLDFEET, produced a wide range of artists from J-Pop to overseas artists, and is also famous as a DISCO master, is a percussionist who is active in a wide range of scenes as a Blue Note Records contract artist and a member of quasimode. TDO was formed in the spring of 2015 with Takahiro and Yusuke Horikoshi, an arranger/guitarist who is active in the works and live performances of Studio Apartment, coba, Def Tech, etc. He has continuously released EPs featuring various singers such as SILVA, bird, JILLE, and YOSHIKA (Soulhead), and released a long-awaited album in early 2017.

The release party at the Daikanyama unit, which consisted of 15 people, was packed and crowded. At the same time, TDO, who have been actively working towards restoring 'proper disco' in the 21st century by producing three songs on TOC (Hilcrhyme)'s album, has announced a new song featuring singer Refa.

LISTEN: https://on. Soundcloud. com/Qb31N

Track list:

Side-A: That's My Heart Beating (Special 7' Edit)

Side-B: COLD