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Telescopic Baton For Police And Security Forces
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Telescopic Baton For Police And Security Forces on DVD

On this DVD we show you simple concepts using the telescope bat against different kinds of attacks. We use the telescope bat open and closed. The telescope bat is a highly effective tool which can be used fully extended at full range as an effective tool and is easy to carry around and store at the mission belt. The DVD is both meant for amateurs who want to use the bat as a tool for self-defense, for martial artists who would like to extend their horizon, and finally for professionals such as security forces or policemen who use the telescope bat as part of their weapon spectrum. For this film we only use automatic telescope bats. Therefore we will use a big segment of this DVD to work with the closed bat in order to open it during the fight. In the second half of this DVD we show you different techniques using the open bat which can be enforced using any other traditional bat-like object, too. Florian Lahner belongs to the leading tactical educators in Europe. As one of a few private service providers he regularly teaches police, military and security service providers in Europe. For civilians he offers a seminar program in order to teach effective, simple defense concepts. Here, martial arts aren't the crucial point but rather realistic, simple applications which can be adopted after only little practice. Florian Lahner is a personal student of Bram Frank from the USA. He carries numerous degrees in different combat system and is senior tactical instructor for blade weapons, guns, impact tools, stick and empty hands.

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