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From a rapidly rising comedy star, a bold, personal, and darkly hilarious takedown and send-up of our culture's (mis)understanding of race. Ziwe made a name for herself staring interviewees in the eye and asking, "How many Black friends do you have?" She's an expert at making people squirm, coming right out and asking the tough questions about race and racism that our culture has made white people experts at dancing around. In The Book of Ziwe, she turns this incisive perspective on the culture at large, with her signature blend of devastating bluntness and incredible warmth that keeps her guests coming back. Throughout the book, Ziwe mixes bite-sized moments of insight with longer essays that take a range of forms, from serious distillations of cultural phenomena to a transcript of "A Conversation with a Cancelled White Person," and even a Choose Your Own Adventure-style piece about navigating race in everyday life. Personal and funny, but also challenging and engaging, The Book of Ziwe tackles questions about race and racism head on, approaching the issue in a manner that evokes the way it comes up in the real world-not through deliberate studies of history and theory, which are so important, but in an awkward conversation at a party or a yikes comment from a coworker in the break room. The book lives in the moment of discomfort that can be the most truly educational way of unlearning biases. Plus, like everything Ziwe does, it will startle you with how much it makes you laugh.