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You've never seen the Easter Bunny like this before!

Not the cute, furry, long-eared rabbit carrying chocolate treats for good boys and girls like we're used to. This "Easter Bunny" comes from a far-away planet, dropping off easter eggs in disguise, but what's inside is anything but sweets and treats!

It seems as if an alien has taken over the role of the Easter Bunny, and instead of colorful, yummy, chocolatey eggs, this Xenomorph, erm, "Easter Bunny" has switched the sweets out for alien pod eggs filled with Xenomorphs, Face Huggers, and Chest bursters. oh my!

The ultimate Alien capsule toy! Unwrap! Unlock! Collect! Xenomorphs in all different vibrant colors, and killer poses! Some glow-in-the-dark, some are rare, some are very rare, and some are the RAREST! Collect them all! Four Alien Egg Pods included in every pack!

  • Alien Easter Eggs 4-pack of 3-inch Egg Pods. Each package comes with 4 eggs. Each egg contains 2 random Xenomorphs and 1 random creature.
  • Each Egg measures 3.19" tall with creatures and xenomorphs approximately 1"-1.5" tall
  • Open the egg pod to reveal their killer poses, then close it back up again and surprise your next victim!
  • Each pack contains 4 egg pods, 8 Xenomorphs, and 4 creatures in every set.
  • Made from high-quality ABS and PVC.
  • Featuring iconic characters from the classic Alien movie franchise!
  • Great Easter gift for the Sci-Fi, action fan in your life.
  • Brought to you by The Loyal Subjects, makers of Action Vinyl's and BST AXN collectible figures.