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The Our Gang Collection, Volume Three
  • UPC: 762184806723
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  • Rated: NR
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 6/7/2021
  • Distributor/Studio: Reelclassicdvd
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The Our Gang Collection, Volume Three on DVD

OUR GANG - Volume 3 Later known to millions of television viewers as "The Little Rascals", the Our Gang series of short films were produced by the Hal Roach Studios from 1922 through 1938, when the series was sold to MGM. This collection contains five very rare films that were made during the earliest days of the series. You'll have lots of fun as America's favorite kids get involved in all kinds of mischief, mayhem and adventure! BACK STAGE (1923) After his actors quit due to lack of pay, the owner of a third-rate traveling show persuades the gang to fill in. Naturally, things don't work out as he had planned. With the help of various animals and insects, the gang make a hilarious shambles of the magic act and strong-man routine. THE BUCCANEERS (1924) Mickey and the gang build their own pirate ship and prepare to wreak havoc on the bounding main. It's a great plan until they launch the ship, which promptly sinks like a stone. To keep the gang happy, their pal, Captain Whalen, let's them play on his boat - provided they keep it tied to the dock. When their dog (an early incarnation of Pete without the eye circle) eats the rope, they find themselves drifting on the high seas! This presents no problem for the gang as they start the motor and attack the U.S. Navy! IT'S A BEAR (1924) The gang are determined to go bear hunting. Mickey, while driving his milk delivery route, offers them the chance to visit his farm to bag some "big game". After trying their hand at hunting pigs, chickens and an unlucky farm hand, the bears arrive on the scene! HIGH SOCIETY (1924) Mickey is being raised by his beloved uncle, Patrick Shamrock Kelly, until wealthy aunt Kate wins legal custody. Life is no fun for Mickey at his aunt's mansion. He's given a bath every day (not only Saturday night), forced to wear fancy clothes and deal with nasty cousin Percy. It's not until a chaotic visit from the gang that aunt Kate realizes that Mickey may be better off with his uncle after all. Remade in 1929 as the gang's first talkie "Small Talk". THE MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY (1924) When rich little Adelbert Wallingford is kidnapped, master sleuth Mickey (aka Sherlock Hawkshaw) enlists the gang - masters of disguise, all - to track every suspicious character, including an angry detective! When a homing pigeon with the ransom demand escapes, the gang find themselves aboard a runaway airplane in hot pursuit! Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model on the Miditzer virtual theatre organ!