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The Our Gang Collection, Volume Two
  • UPC: 762184806624
  • Item #: 2410699X
  • Rated: NR
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 6/7/2021
  • Distributor/Studio: Reelclassicdvd
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The Our Gang Collection, Volume Two on DVD

OUR GANG - Volume 2 Later known to millions of television viewers as "The Little Rascals", the Our Gang series of short films were produced by the Hal Roach Studios from 1922 through 1938, when the series was sold to MGM. This collection contains five very rare films that were made during the earliest days of the series. You'll have lots of fun as America's favorite kids get involved in all kinds of mischief, mayhem and adventure! SUNDOWN LTD. (1924) After creating havoc playing on a real train, the gang decide to avoid adult interference by building their own railroad. The result is one of the most elaborate Our Gang contraptions ever seen on film! Their train is a great success until Toughy, a jealous rival, derails it and sends it careening through the city streets! SHOOTIN' INJUNS (1925) The Gang, dreaming of being cowboys, embark on a journey to find real Indians to shoot. Along the way, however, they are forced to shelter from a storm in a novelty house intended for an amusement park! This film REALLY pulls out all the stops. It's one of those great scare comedies at which Our Gang excelled. Not only is the house full of elaborate devices, but the film contains some of the most amazing special effects ever seen! Jaw-dropping even by today's standards, this one should not be missed! GOOD CHEER (1926) In this rare and unusual Christmas-themed film, the gang are street waifs in a snowy winter setting. The younger members of the gang desperately want to believe in Santa Claus but are foiled at every turn when they discover Santa has merely been portrayed by well meaning impostors. Their faith is restored, however, through the intervention of the magical spirit of the real Santa Claus, a friendly old shoemaker and a band of crooks disguised in Santa costumes! SHIVERING SPOOKS (1926) The gang have an underground secret hide out which caves in. The only way out is to break through a wall into the basement of a house. Unfortunately, the house is occupied by a fake medium and his cohorts who bilk money out of their unsuspecting victims by pretending to contact the dead! The gang soon find themselves surrounded by ghosts, skeletons and everything else that goes bump in the night! THE FOURTH ALARM (1926) Inspired by having extinguished a small house fire, the gang establish their own fire department. But battling blazes is complicated for Chief Joe who must administer his little sister's worm medication every fifteen minutes. The action gets underway when the gang rush to a burning building which, unbeknownst to them, is full of explosives! Full of fun and terrific Our Gang gadgets, this film was later re-made as the talkie "Hook and Ladder". Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model on the Miditzer virtual theatre organ!