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The Ultimate Ultraman Bundle
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The Ultimate Ultraman Bundle on Blu-ray

Exclusve bundle! The Ultimate Ultraman Bundle - You get three great BLU-RAY sets of the "ULTRA" programs Ulta Q, Ultraman plus the Birth of Ultraman Collection. You get Ultra Q: Complete Series (steelbook) 4 Pack and you get Ultraman: Complete Series (steelbook) 6 Pack. Both Ultra Q and Ultraman are the Complete Series. So that is The Ultra Q, Ultraman Complete Steelbook plus the Birth of Ultraman Collection in The Ultimate Ultraman Bundle for your ultra enjoyment.


Exclusive Blu-ray Release For Ultraman Day Featuring Marvel Comic Cover Art By Alex Ross!

This EXCLUSIVE Blu-ray set contains some of the best episodes of the original ULTRAMAN series with both the original Japanese language and the classic English dub audio tracks plus THE BIRTH OF ULTRAMAN – ULTRAMAN Pre-Premiere Special, the very first appearance of the hero that would become famous across the world as Ultraman.

This release also features art created by Alex Ross which is also featured on THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN cover for Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Production’s recent collaboration with the debut issue releasing September 2020.

Mill Creek Entertainment now brings a selection of ULTRAMAN episodes in high definition video with DTS-HD Master Audio of the original Japanese soundtrack plus the uncut United Artists English dubs. Each episode will also come with two English subtitle options; one for the Japanese audio and a second matching the English audio track. “The Birth of Ultraman Collection" will include the following episodes...

  • Episode 1 – ULTRA OPERATION NO. 1 – The story begins as the heroic alien Ultraman pursues the space monster Bemular to Earth, leading to a fateful encounter with Shin Hayata, an agent of the SSSP.
  • Episode 2 – SHOOT THE INVADER – Ultraman’s iconic foe, Alien Baltan, makes its first appearance in a tale narrated by Ide, the SSSP's genius inventor.
  • Episode 19 – DEMONS RISE AGAIN – An ancient time capsule unleashes the red-skinned monster Banila and his blue-skinned rival Aboras, who wage a titanic battle in the National Stadium.
  • Episodes 26 & 27 – THE MONSTER HIGHNESS Parts 1 & 2 – The only 2-part ULTRAMAN story features the prehistoric monster Gomora, who escapes captivity and overwhelms Ultraman as it rampages towards Osaka
  • Episode 33 – THE FORBIDDEN WORDS – When Alien Mefilas tries to convince a boy to give him the Earth, even Ultraman may not be able to stop him.
  • Episode 37 – A LITTLE HERO – Ide suffers a crisis of faith as the Friendly Monster Pigmon warns that the evil creature Geronimon is reviving an army of monsters to destroy Ultraman and the SSSP!

Also included is THE BIRTH OF ULTRAMAN – ULTRAMAN Pre-Premiere Special. Airing in Japan on July 10, 1966, before the series premiere, this stage show was filmed before a live studio audience and introduced viewers to the story, cast and characters of ULTRAMAN. This July 10 debut of ULTRAMAN on television is now celebrated annually and known throughout the world as “Ultraman Day.” Never before released in America, this episode is presented in black & white (as originally broadcast) in standard definition wit


As the first of Japan's many "Ultra" programs, this imaginative adventure series sets a team of scientific experts against giant monsters that invade Tokyo (on a seemingly daily basis) and cause massive property damage and general panic. Drawing from both monster movie hits like "Godzilla" and small-screen classics like "The Twilight Zone," this long-unseen saga is at last available for kaiju fans! Kenji Sahara, Hiroko Sakurai star, Eiji Tsuburaya the Director. 4 PACK, BOXED SET, STEELBOOK


Hayata, the Beta Capsule! It's the original 1966-67 "Ultraman" series, the UHF favorite in which ace pilot Hayata uses his Beta Capsule to become the giant alien superhero Ultraman, so that he and the other members of the Science Patrol can battle huge monsters across the Japanese landscape. Susumu Kurobe stars in the title role. With Akiji Kobayashi, Hiroko Sakurai. Akio Jissoji - Director 6 Piece BOXED SET, STEELBOOK