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Village Idiom
  • Artist: Tim Biancalana
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 978097232461
  • Item #: SRD723246
  • Genre: Spoken
  • Release Date: 2/3/2004
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Village Idiom on CD

Author SAG Actor Performance Artist Illustrator Chicago-born actor and author Tim Biancalana has always found drawing and disassembling the English language his preferred escape from the humdrum. As a small but dangerous child, he had his pencils taken away while doodling sketches of the Beatles instead of composing his essay on the decline of western syphilis. Specializing in graphic design at college, his membership in the Monty Python Society led him to a lead role as the Executioner in a homecoming parade. At Columbia College in Chicago, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Design, his film projects led to opportunities to play maniacs in various productions. His independent film 'Nein', entered in the Chicago International Film Festival, received no prize. For several years, he was a graphic designer for the London-based advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, where he was warned not to be too funny; because, as his supervisor frequently reminded him, Advertising Is A Serious Business. This inspired Tim to travel around Europe for an entire year. Returning to Chicago, he did comedy improv at Second City and began acting in commercials. Tim's first TV spot had him speed-skating through Grant Park. This was intended to make TV viewers rush to throw their money at a bank and see if it would stick. Performing at the Experimental Sound Studio, he disintegrated into a raving surrealist. Lured to Los Angeles in the early 1990s, Tim began his bona fide acting career with a role in the Italian film Tanto Quanto. With a fluent Tuscano cab-driver dialect, he had everyone believing he must have been born in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Voiceover coaches Charlie Adler, and Jason Robards III had Tim sounding like everyone from an opera broadcast announcer to a slice of bacon with a hot temper. Perfecting his international dialects and diatribes, Tim became the poster child for Multiple Identity Syndrome. However, acting coach Paul Sylvan reassured Tim that under no circumstance would he ever have to play bacon on camera. In Sylvan's workshop, he also learned the meaning of the direction, 'Try not to talk for the next half-hour.' With the LA comedy improv group The New Barbarians, Tim's characters, dialects and general prowess brought wild laughter, despite Sylvan's advice. On stage and in film, Tim's characters have included Blake, the hotshot salesman who shakes things up in Glengarry Glenross, Actor 2, the overbaked-ham actor who inflicts melodramatic Shakespeare upon the casting directors in Callback, and Buster Hymen, the stand-up comic who entertains dead people awaiting judgement in Limbo Lounge. Tim has appeared on E! Entertainment Television, Good Day LA, and Tomorrow's World on BBC 1, in England. In 2001, Tim conceived a multi-faceted tribute to John Lennon, his lifelong mentor and hero. Village Idiom, Tim's original collection of illustrations, writing, song lyrics, poetry and short stories, captures the irreverent, sometimes absurd, and always witty spirit of John Lennon. Tim has performed a mini version of Village Idiom in various venues around Los Angeles. His goal is to bring mirth to Earth and heal these troubled times with humor. Copyright © 2006 Tim Biancalana / AntiWarhog Press.