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  • Artist: Tina Signorelli
  • UPC: 744773016027
  • Item #: CDBY301602
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 7/27/2010
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Nuances on CD

Though we tend to use the word 'nuance' to convey a sense of subtlety of meaning, it's interesting to note that the word was once applied more literally as a way of describing slight variations in shade and color. Fittingly, the fifteen pieces that comprise this album represent fifteen distinct hues on the spectrum of beauty as flutist Tina Signorelli sees beauty in sound. As Signorelli steps out on her own for the first time with this solo debut, she finds herself able to explore beauty for it's own sake in ways that, prior to the recording of this material, she only felt comfortable trying on her own time, in the privacy of her own home -- 'in the closet, really,' as she puts it with a chuckle. Self-taught until she started taking formal lessons in her mid-20s, Signorelli understands the power of the drive to play music just to push yourself, to satisfy an inner need to be challenged, to play rigorous, note-filled pieces just to prove that you can. But now that she has opted for a more direct approach, Signorelli can look back and admit that 'that stuff can tend to drive me nuts, even as a flutist -- and I wouldn't especially want to hear it.' Nuances was made to be listened to more than it was meant to be played by other musicians -- which means that it was made with you, the listener, in mind. It was specifically crafted for you to sit and get comfortable with in a space that you enjoy being in. Whether you listen over your morning cup of coffee, your after-work commute home, while making dinner or winding down your day with a glass of your favorite wine, let Nuances serve as a reminder that beauty -- and music -- belong to everyone. Since most of these compositions were written by living composers, many of them are seeing the light of day for the first time here. Emboldened by her rich, burgundy tone and supported by pianist Kevin Lieb, guitarist/producer Melvin Henderson, and percussionist Sean Jefferson, Signorelli hopes to give voice to the nuances in your life as it goes from one color, one feeling to the next. She hopes to cast beauty in those nooks and crannies of life experience that we sometimes overlook -- and hopes that you will find it there too -- with music that is as alive, fresh, and promising as the sensation of holding the present moment in our hands, every shade of beauty available to us always... provided we stop for a moment just to take them in. Saby Reyes-Kulkarni.