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Travels on a Melting Planet
  • Artist: A Touch of Class
  • UPC: 884502845037
  • Item #: SRD284503
  • Genre: Easy Listening
  • Release Date: 10/19/2010
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Travels on a Melting Planet on CD

The initial collaboration of Australian guitar instrumentalist William Woodson and North American Composer William Good. The two men act as one, raising concerns and consciousness about the pressing issue of Global warming. Travel on a Melting Planet is a collection of William Good's original guitar compositions reflecting the memories of places visited around the planet. This old Earth offers so much beauty and wonder and the compositions capture the serenity and peace that exists around the world. No matter where you travel there is peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the commercial enterprises, and Good's compositions reflect his personal quest for peace. William Woodson's interpretations of Good's instrumental compositions illustrate the oneness these two men have found. Within every human being lies the complexity of many different personalities. The expression of these various selves evokes a fuller understanding of self and releases the artist to experience a far richer life than those who would be confined to a solo persona. Listening to Woodson's interpretation of Good's compositions allows one to experience his guitar virtuosity expressed through the melodic lines inspired from Good's world travels. Future compositions and more albums to come offer the listeners an unending audio tour of this blue plant, and an unending opportunity to experience the peace and serenity these two men find in their collaborations. Sit back and enjoy the healing nature of sound as it carries you to each new location in this audio tour: from the bustling street of Whilshire Blvd. In Los Angeles to the peace Rain forests of Costa Rica, striding the steppes of Tibet to Rollin' thru the Rocky Mountains of Western North America, travel from India to Ireland by way of Beijing, China. As temperatures rise and ice Caps melt, glaciers retreat and coastlines race for the centers of the continents, the cool of this album will help to ease your pains and heal our sweat-stained future.