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Truth About Ocelots
  • Artist: Ocelots
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479360572
  • Item #: SRD936057
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/15/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $19.14
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Truth About Ocelots on CD

Nashville indie scene, open your eyes before the elusive ocelots disappear. The members of Ocelots have been around for quite some time in this area. They've been in many different bands. Perhaps notable, perhaps not. I can't say. I'm too new of a resident. I don't know all the history of who or what might have been the shit. But what i can say is that this band is pretty damned good and that even if this band truly does end soon (the bassist lives far away and will soon be moving even farther) ... that we can expect only good things to come from these three folks. The minutemen told us like it was. Yo la tengo made our hearts flutter. Pavement confused us but made us think and put the wild west into our ears. They might be giants made our asses twitch and our toes tap. Sonic youth wowed us with what noises they could make. I don't really want to tell you that ocelots derive themselves from these things, but the ocelots do the above. They tell it like it is, "you walk in with your 'Detroit sucks' t-shirt on cause you're from Chicago where the scene is oh so big and strong, and yes i'm aware that never been one good band that has come outta Nashville, so why don't you go back home, go to a slint show, oh right, they broke up already, i'm sorry!" the make our hearts flutter with deep bass sounds and crazy guitar insanity. They confuse us in wonderment and twang. But we dance! So maybe i wonder about the fate of yet another good band who deserve a lot more credit than i think anybody gave them since they've been around. Here we have another band that did it all and more and may not really ever be heard by more than a few. Maybe that's ok. Maybe it's not. Seesaw records.... "American dream" rolls around and maybe i know it's ok... because ocelots are all about growing up to be themselves, regardless...."you've got your American dream and i've got mine. You'll get soft and i'll get hard. You'll get dull and i'll get as sharp as i've ever been." rah!!!! if you don't move, you'll miss it. --msp.

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