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Sunshine Melodies
  • Artist: Tuesdays Robot
  • UPC: 707541247498
  • Item #: CDBY124749
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/27/2010
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Sunshine Melodies on CD

The Saga of the Sunshine Melodies... Tuesdays Robot's been a band since 2002 when it was just me and Andrew recording our first three albums in our basement on a 4-track-I still have those around here somewhere... We recorded our first bonifide pretty-looking album "Tribalism" in 2006. It had lots of songs on it about why the government was cheesing us off... Next up for us was "Peace Sing Along" in 2008. We had added two new members, Josie and Nick, to the band and we were looking to create music that was maybe a little but more positive than our last. But, what to do after that? How can you get any more positive than a peace album? Well, I thought and thought, and the most positive thing I could think of was Sunshine-so why not write only songs about sunshine for a while! Over the next year we wrote and practiced, adding Abe and Carl for a full fledged sunrayic assault! Then, after a typically dark and frosty Minnesota winter, the 6 friends got together, drank some brews, and laid down the instrument tracks at SOUND GALLERY studios in just one weekend I'm proud to say! Two weekends later we nailed the vocal overdubs down, despite the fact that I "forgot" to bring the Premium to that particular session LOL! Over the next month, we mixed and recorded touch-ups and fixed some of the lemons-just kidding, we're robot's: we don't make mistakes! Then the day before mastering I called up Andrew and was like "Dude, let's drink some crafts and rattle off some facts about the sun!" Best idea ever! Dudes-It's been so fun recording this album, in the springtime too! All the while the air getting warmer and smellier, the sun higher and brighter all the time. It's gonna be a Sunshiny Summer my friends; I hope you enjoy the disc! -rickrobot, 5-27-10 Tuesdays Robot would like to thank: Our parents and lovers, Jacob Grun, Rob Schlette, the new Twins stadium for wafting so many good vibes up towards the SOUND GALLERY balcony, Jason for always having a 331 gig for us, people who grow their hair and beards long, and all the people who helped inspire, whether they knew it or not, the Sunshine Melodies: Jim, Terry, Joel, Megan, Mari, Chris and Jen, Val, Wegren, Nicky, Dylan, Uncle Bob Dylan, Channy, Alison, god(s), God, Alex Philipenko, Kevin Bacon, Colleen Rowley, and John Lennon for the word "Bloo-jee-goo-je-goo."