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At the Ready
  • Artist: Unlikely Alibi
  • UPC: 758216002126
  • Item #: 142617X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/17/2009
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $17.70
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At the Ready on CD

A clever blend of reggae, ska and rock, saturated with memorable hooks, infectious rhythms and warm vocal harmonies - this is the core of Fort Wayne, Indiana's emerging artist Unlikely Alibi and their debut, full-length album At the Ready. Hailing from the Midwest and led by former Heavy Step member Todd Roth, Unlikely Alibi put forth an intensely creative and highly developed sound. Elements of traditional ska, 2-tone, third wave, reggae and rock and are fused together in an exceptionally intelligent and thoughtful pop-rock framework. Now, with the release of At the Ready, Unlikely Alibi is poised to make their mark on the national music scene. With thick layers of instrumentation, driving organ and tightly arranged horns, all fronted by Todd Roth's signature voice, At the Ready is a progressive LP, capable of wooing reggae/ska and pop music fans alike. The 12-track disc brings to mind the best work of The Clash, Madness and Elvis Costello, with a traditional, yet modern twist. Just a taste of the tracks, from the nuanced and triumphant "Dancin' on Coals," to the island vibe-infused "Walk Out," is enough to whet the appetites of music lovers of all stripes. Roth's lyrics are as catchy as they are complex and thought provoking, and the same can be said for the clever musical arrangements and instrumentation. Sonically superior in every way, At the Ready was produced, mixed and mastered by legendary ska producer King Django who also lent his vocal styling to the track "In Your Eyes." The band blends talent with passion and creativity. The album is one part ska, two parts rock and reggae and completely contagious. This is the genius of Unlikely Alibi and At the Ready.