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  • Artist: V.K
  • UPC: 884502413441
  • Item #: 167029X
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 6/29/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $22.18
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Reflection on CD

VK, a creative artist with rich talents and outspoken characters, started playing the piano at the age of 4 and composing music at the age of 13, which foretold his destiny to take a profession in the field of music. With surprising absolute pitch and strong musical sensibilities, this well-known internet music producer sincerely expresses the sounds of daily lives through piano and music. After experiencing several pop music album productions, VK decides to communicate to the world with his own music. This heart-releasing biographical album brings us not only the unforgettable piano melodies, but also invited well-known performing group «Venus string trio» collaborating to bring a more perfect sound with strings and drums. Chinese style garnished with Japanese rock,«Crimson Sakura»was produced with the highest specification and will bring a shock wave into the Chinese music industry which has been lacking new blood. Originally produced for MOS burger's TV commercials,«Matcha latte», «Pure White», and «The Breath of Sea» are the masterpieces of VK's style of New Age and has overtaken Kevin Kern's top position and become number one in "KKBOX", the biggest digital music chart in the Chinese region. «Pure White»imitated Japanese gifted folk singer Hajime Chitose's particular singing style through keyboard and established VK's unique style of performing. «Melody of Elves»describes a group of isolated elves who enchantingly symphonize their songs of life. Inspired by the famous Japanese anime film «Nausicaä of The Valley Of The Wind», the«Melody of Elves»reveals VK's master in music for animated films. «The Season of Vanilla Bubbles»is a hit incidental music in community website "wretch" and has soon hit the top for users utility rate. It describes the pure and melancholy love stories in the snowy white Christmas season. With splendid piano techniques, dazzling rhythmic drumbeats, title track«Reflection»is the newest style of performing as if singing antiphonally in R&B style. The drumbeats, piano and strings collaborate, yet compete with one another to create the sparks that light up the climax to bring you into VK's piano world. With the release of«Reflection», VK expresses his music philosophy with gifted talents and music senses which extend to create amazing musical elements that are both ravishing and alluring. In the winter of 2009, we look forward and hope that the most wonderful touching moments will come down like snowflakes around you and I.