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King of Dhamaar-A Tribute to Pandit Kishan Maharaj
  • Artist: Vineet Vyas
  • UPC: 676868192227
  • Item #: 143711X
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 12/7/2010
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King of Dhamaar-A Tribute to Pandit Kishan Maharaj on CD

This album is a heartfelt tribute to my esteemed Guru, the late Pandit Kishan Maharaj. I have been extremely blessed and fortunate to have studied under Guruji, who was one of the last living legends of the Benares style of tabla playing. Living with him in the traditional Guru-Shishya parampara, and practicing rigorously under his guidance, were integral in my training. However, attending many of his concerts were incredible experiences that provided unique opportunities to witness his use of the tabla vocabulary I had learned, in different ways, and through different time cycles. It was a tremendous privilege also to witness his improvisational prowess and the power of his mathematical genius. In this CD I explore Dhamaar, the majestic 14 beat time cycle that Guruji performed in many live concerts. At the performances I witnessed, I was overwhelmed with amazement as to my Guru's ability as an artist, and as a great thinker. There are no words I can use to amply describe this ability, and how he embodied the open spirit and depth of Dhamaar. In this album I have attempted to bring forth some of the aspects I have heard and learned, and have tried to develop them in a manner which I hope he would have appreciated. Guruji always taught his students to develop their own ideas and compositions based on what they had learned, in the true manner of improvisation that is the trademark of the North Indian classical tradition. I have attempted to show the range of vocabulary and exploration with the Dhamaar time cycle, highlighting the technical aspects of upaj (improvisation) throughout the recording in the uthaan, bantts, chalans and relas. I have presented some tukdas, i.e. fixed compositions, which I have heard Guruji perform and explain, as well as developing some other beautiful old tukdas which had been taught to me in other time cycles. My work on this CD is a humble offering to Guruji's spirit and legacy. A personal note from the Sarod Maestro - Ustad Amjad Ali Khan: I am so happy to see Vineet carrying forward the legacy his monumental guru.This album truly is a testimony of that era and that relationship. Dhamaar was a time cycle that was synonymous with Pandit Kishan Maharaj. The musical presentation in this recording captures the literal story of Dhamaar and the way the taal is to be unfolded by the school of Banaras. I am really happy to hear Vineet's interpretation of the training he bequeathed from his guru. I wish him all the very best to carry on the great work. May he timelessly take forward the legacy of Pandit Kishan Maharaj. - Amjad Ali Khan.