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  • Brand: Vinyl Styl
  • UPC: 711574723911
  • Item #: 1054514X
  • Available Date: 1/1/2014
  • Model Number: VS-A-006
Vinyl Accessories 
List Price: $99.99
Price: $89.99
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Vinyl Styl™ Fishbowl Counter Top Display - Anti-Static Lubricated Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloths - 25 Count (Orange)

Clean Records Sound Best!

The Vinyl Styl Anti-static Record Cleaning cloth contains a lubricating anti-static solution that works to clean the surface of your records by loosening dirt and dust that accumulates on the record surface and in the record grooves.

The Cloth is designed with micro fibers that lift and remove the dirt, dust and fingerprints from the record surface and in the grooves. The Anti-static solution inhibits the dust, dirt and grime from accumulating again.

Individual packs are designed for multiple use and include a resealable storage bag.

Vinyl Styl – Sound Solutions for the Modern Era


  • Micro fibers helps loosen and remove dirt and finger prints from vinyl records
  • Lubricates the surface of your vinyl records and prevents build-up in the record grooves
  • Reusable - Each individual cloth can clean 50+ records when properly stored inbetwen uses!
  • Dimensions: 8.5" X 7.75"
  • This item is intended as a Countertop Display for retail store use*

*To refill this display order Refill kit for the Vinyl Styl™ Fishbowl Display, UPC: 711574724017

Vinyl Styl provides the highest level of sustainability for your records and accessories, while most importantly remaining affordable. Protect your collection with Vinyl Styl today.