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These Things Happen
  • Artist: Vision Through Sound
  • Number of Discs: 1
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  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/13/2010
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These Things Happen on CD

Press Release from Veterans of Massapequa's music scene, Vision Through Sound, are set to release their sixth album, titled "These Things Happen...". It is coming out on July 3, 2010. To celebrate it, the band is having a CD release show at The Bitter End on Bleecker Street in the City. The band plans on playing their entire album (tracklist below) and plenty of other favorites. Included with the new album, Andrew and I put together a collection of past VTS recordings, spanning from all of their albums to create "Dead Band Sampler!". It will be up for free download on the DiV releases page, with a special password located in the liner notes of "These Things Happen..." In the bands nine year history, primary songwriter Andrew Krolikowski and VTS have recorded five outstanding albums. Krolikowski recently wrote a blog on the VTS myspace regarding what exactly VTS has been up to over the last two years, since their last album "The History of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Vision Through Sound" was released. Here it is: ~~~~~ Greetings folks. It's been quite a while. A long, tumultuous while to say the least. As it has been almost 2 years since I have last updated this blog, I figured I should come and set the record straight about how things have been and where things are going for this band. On top of that, I am here to officially announce the release of our new album These Things Happen... in less than two weeks from now on Independence Day. (You can accept the overtly symbolic implications of that release date however you please) A lot has changed since our previous release. Throughout the writing and recording process of this record, 5 different people left the band. When Mike Sarna and Mike McManus left the band in 2008, Fran and I enlisted Hugo Lopez to be our new drummer. Jay Briggs, who had been our bass player that summer, who was I believe the fourth or fifth different bass player we had that year, decided to not move out west and wound up staying in the band. We spent all of my final year in college, 2008-2009, rebuilding the band and writing the original versions of a couple of these songs. Then, literally several days before I graduated, Hugo more or less dropped a bomb on us and told us he was leaving the band. The plan we had come up with that we had spent the entire year working towards went entirely out the window. Having at the time recently met Gary O'Keefe, Angela O'Reilly, and Tom Lee, Fran and I decided to roll the dice again and completely reform the band with this group of people we hadn't played with before. Within a couple weeks of reforming the band, Fran decided he didn't have it in him to go through another rebuilding period and very abruptly quit the band. Thus I remained the only VTS member of the previous albums. The reason I bring all of this up is to clarify once and for all that I did not throw anyone out of the band. I often felt that when this major line up change occurred that a bunch of people had the attitude of "this isn't vision through sound" or that I was some kind of dictator who decided what band I wanted when I wanted it. This just simply isn't true. During the time of the previous lineup, we had an agreement (at least Sarna, Fran, and I did, McManus was complicated due to Fastizio) that Vision Through Sound was our life and career. For what it's worth, I would just like to say that I never gave up on this band, I kept my promises towards it's body of work and existence even after the other guys decided to leave it behind. The reason we have kept the same moniker was not an act on my part to say that this is "my" band, but was merely just the circumstances that fell into place. It is undeniable that Vision Through Sound has had as much to do with anyone who has come and gone in the band as I do. This is not a solo artist with a backing band, this is a band, exactly what it has been since the beginning. But enough about the past... In light of this, I would like to say that that band that you and I knew is now over, and that we have finally, thankfully, left behind (fingers crossed) our 2 year identity crisis. What we have now is the best version of the band that has ever existed. Saying we've been through a lot together is the understatement of the century. Here are the boys: Jason Briggs - The temp turned permanent member, whose resilience and determination is unparalleled in my eyes. Jay was essentially told on at least 3 separate occasions that he was being replaced during the first year he was in the band, and somehow still stuck it out. He's become a damn good bass player, a pleasure to work with, a friend, a brother. Gary O'Keefe - Given the circumstances that we met each other, I never could have predicted that Gary and I would be able to comfortably be in the same room as each other, nevermind being in a band together. But you never know what card fate's gonna deal and apparently fate dealt us each other. Reluctant at first, Gary has become a huge influence on the musical direction of this band, and really came through in the creation of this record. To get the record done on time for the tour, Gary finished the mixes at CCNY remaining in the studio working for 31 consecutive hours. F***ing baller. Mike McManus - Alright, so there's a familiar face in the mix, though he's changed instruments. Another strange twist of fate brought Mike back into the band, and though one can never tell how permanent these things actually are, Mike will always be family to me, and as far as I'm concerned is a lifetime member of VTS. Together we've made an album we're incredibly proud of. We did this one ourselves, Jay and Gary produced it. It's real, it's raw, it's ours. I will give you some more details on the record within the next week. For now, we're going to put up 3 new songs from the record. Please let us know what you think of them and please tell everyone you know about them. Thank you to everyone who has stood by this band and to everyone who continues to love our older records. I promise you, you're in for a real treat. Peace and love, Andrew ~~~~ Vision Through Sound plans on touring extensively this summer. If you're in a different state and want to see VTS play, or could help them book a show or two in your area especially, please contact them @ I can personally vouch and say VTS's newest lineup is phenomenal, and together, Andrew, McManus, Jay and Gary created an outstanding record. You can go to their MySpace now and listen to three new songs. You can also Download the Dinosaurs in Vietnam compilation for two songs, or go to DiV's Myspace to stream "Guest Check Love Song," featured on the Compilation but not on the VTS myspace. Check out their show in the City on 7/3. They'll be on the road most of July, but will return to Long Island with a show on 7/29 at Mulcahy's Wantagh with Exemption and more TBA. Pick up a copy of the VTS album when you have a chance, it's available at VTS shows for only $5. It will also be available on DiV dot com sooner rather than later. Tracklist: 1. Be More Careful 2. Rinse and Repeat 3. What's Yours is Mine 4. I've Forged a Woman in My Mind 5. Secret Songs 6. Watch Me Disappear 7. Guest Check Love Song 8. Thea 9. Let The Right One Out 10. Your Voice 11. These Things Happen In other news, DiV was challenged by The Holy Soviets House Shows to a kickball tournament, that we're turning into a BBQ/Hootenanny. It's July 5 at Eisenhower Park. All are welcome. Details are on Facebook. Hope to see you there! See you soon! Thanks for supporting yr local music. -WFFIV.