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Tea Party Rock
  • Artist: We the People
  • UPC: 610074080497
  • Item #: SRD408049
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/28/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $7.94
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Tea Party Rock on CD

Tea Party Rock is satirical, political music with a 1960s feel that discusses the issues of the day- government bailouts, deficit spending, government take-over of health care and car companies, and the Tea Party Movement. The artist is We the People. For any members of Congress reading this now, those are the first three words of the Constitution, something that either most of you have never read (just like you never read that monstrosity of a health-care law bill you passed) or just have no respect for, even though you took an oath to defend it from all enemies- foreign and domestic. Tea Party Blues discusses the Tea Party Movement. Obama Mobile discusses the government take-over the auto industry- "there's nothing like the feel of an Obama Mobile." Don't laugh! You could be driving one soon. Stand Up for Our Country is a patriotic tune. Deficit Blues and Government Bailout are self-explanatory. Don't Tread on Me is the rallying cry of the Tea Party Movement. Exorcism Time is what most members of Congress are in dire need of. Do you think most of the buffoons in Congress could get elected without Satan's assistance? Live Free or Die asks if you value your freedom enough to fight for it. Psalm 2010 has a gospel feel to it - Obama is my shepherd, I shall not want. Rest in Peace is what we're all going to experience with the government take-over of health care. Tale of Barck needs no explanation. American Trilogy 2010 is a spoof on that dreaded social disease- political correctness. It includes a monologue along with the traditional and politically correct versions of Dixie and the Battle Hymn of the Republic. WARNING NUMBER ONE: This CD is funny. It is not for the ears of liberals, socialists, collectivists, statists and Marxists for several reasons: (1) they have no sense of humor; (2) they won't spread their wealth for a change because they expect this CD for free and do not understand the concepts of the investment of capital and labor; (3) they take themselves too seriously, incorrectly thinking the state has the answers for every social problem; and (3) the music correctly portrays them for what they are- clueless buffoons, whose policies ultimately fail because they are never rooted in how life really is, but is based on a distorted utopian view of the world. However, any Leftist is permitted to buy it provided they spread their wealth to the artist. WARNING NUMBER TWO: Buy the CD before it is banned. Free speech is being whittled away as we speak. This CD is just in time for the mid-term elections. Buy it just to make your liberal friends go crazy. It's the least you can do for them.