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Wigan Casino Classics 1973-2023 (Various Artists)
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Wigan Casino Classics 1973-2023 (Various Artists) on LP

Wigan Casino - the original UK dance culture super club - ran it's' first Nothern Soul All-Nighter in September 1973. It's last session was in December 1981, and by then it's 500 plus frantic All-Nighter had firmly stamped Northern Soul as an integral part of the British music landscape,

Wigan Casino Classics 1973 - 2023 proudly celebrates 50 years since the birth of the most important ever Northern Soul venue with 14 all time classic floor fillers. The Sandi Sheldon, Major Lance, The Seven Souls and Johnny Robinson gems were originally released on the uber cool Okeh label but despite being part of the mighty Columbia Records empire sank without trace on release in the USA only to be discovered (and revered) by UK Soul devotees.

The Metros and Lorraine Chandler tracks were produced by Detroit's mighty Pied Piper Productions crew and demonstrate that Motown were far from the only Motor City set up that knew how to conjure up truly breathtaking music.

In Northern Soul lore there is an intriguing story behind all 14 tracks - who produced and wrote them, which Rare Soul detectives - the original crate diggers - discovered them, what DJs played them..

But at the centre of it all is Wigan Casino, the seen better days Lancashire dance hall where 2,500 plus Soul fanatics flocked to every weekend to dance, dance, dance at the pre-Rave era ultimate Rave. The recent 50th Anniversary celebration in Blackpool attracted a 5,000 turn out. The legend lives on.

This release marks the return of the always style wise Joe Boy label. Their trademark on point graphics are reinforced with the LP front sleeve being devoted to an iconic photograph by Francesco Mellini taken at the last ever Casino All-Nighter.


A1. The M.V.P.'s - Turnin' My Heartbeat Up

A2. Major Lance - You Don't Want Me No More

A3. Paul Anka - I Can't Help Lovin' You

A4. The Vibrations - 'Cause You're Mine

A5. Laura Greene - Moonlight Music In You

A6. Lou Edwards & Today's People - Talkin' 'Bout Poor Folks, Thinkin' 'Bout My Folks

A7. The Seven Souls - I Still Love You

B1. Dana Valery - You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies

B2. Shane Martin - I Need You

B3. The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

B4. Sandi Sheldon - You're Gonna Make Me Love You

B5. Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Change

B6. Lou Courtney - Trying To Find My Woman

B7. Johnny Robinson - Gone But Not Forgotten