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Wealth Consciousness
  • Artist: McCloud William
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884502692310
  • Item #: CDBY269231
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 9/14/2010
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $16.76
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Wealth Consciousness on CD

When you are singing or listening to these songs, you are tuning your mind to the words. Songs causes you to get into the mood of the music. All spiritual and scientific discoveries have proven that everything is vibrating. Our thoughts are vibrating energy that you can feel in a song. What you think and feel can become real. I am a doctor of 'Science of the Mind'. All my research on this subject says that music can program the mind up to 300 times faster than any other method. What you think about all day is what you attract. Most people cannot think about wealth all day because they have other things to think about. This music can do that for you. You can sing, hum, and whistle a song while you do other things. The songs you choose are important, that's why I made this wealth conscious album. Each song has a special message for those who seek wealth. After you have listened to these psalms often enough, you can sing them silently in your mind. You will develop a wealth consciousness. You will begin to have ideas that you can do to make money. I have had the good fortune to use this method to create ideas that have been the answer to my desires; it can do the same for you. If you desire wealth this is one sure method to success. Wake up the genie within you as you listen to these wealth conscious songs. MUSIC CAN PROGRAM THE MIND My mission is to teach that music will plant the seeds of success for love, money, happiness, and health in your mind, and your mind will tune into the right vibrations, the right frequencies that can attract your desires to you and manifest them. Music is the key and you can hear it over and over with feelings, with emotions, which improves you faith. What you sing about, and believe, you will achieve. As you sing your song close your eyes let you imagination see what you sing about. This is powerful it can touch your soul deep in your mind. If you desire love, I believe that you should sing and listen to love songs, it will put you in the mood for love, and that karma will attract more love to you. If you desire happiness, sing, and listen to happy songs. You will notice that as other people come near they will also get a happy feeling. Your karma is radiating happiness from you this is energy that they feel. If you desire money, listen and sing songs about money. You will get into a mood for money and money will be on your mind, you mind can attract money to you. Just don't get into a rush wait patiently, and let it happen Music can cause your whole body to vibration, it will make you move and dance even when you are tired, music will make you get up and dance and once you start you are no longer tired. The mind loves music you know this is true all around the world people love music. Some say it is the universal language. What better way to bring joy and peace to the world? I believe mankind has known or suspected the power of singing songs since the beginning of the earth. It is time we all recognized this truth to bring our energy to life maybe it is because singing is simplistic. Simple is perfection.. The whole universe is like a tuning fork, that vibrates. Our understanding comes through vibrations making sounds, so we can communicate knowledge. Songs are the teaching tools of life. As a child you first learned to sing your ABC'S in a song because it was easy for a child to learn that way. Once you learned a song, that song was planted in you mind and you never forget it, no matter how old you are. That song stays with you forever. Even when you think you have forgotten it, the tune will bring back your memory. In primitive times the early people made drums and flutes to express themselves. They danced and sing songs with so much emotion they got carried away and into a spiritual experience Some lost consciousness. In the beginning before anything was created when God said that was a vibration. Creation comes from a vibration. God voice was like a melody and a song is the most pleasant of all the sounds, and is the first step to manifesting things. Even when you think in silence you hear what you are thinking, you hear the vibrations. Thoughts are vibrations even when they are not spoken out loud. Sing a song and your spirit will welcome the tune and with words you add emotions to the song, the universe loves the vibrations, and you are energized with the vibes and this energy can spread to others. That song can reach can reach the inner mind and connect to the soul three hundred times faster than any other method. It will last forever. You have heard this before to show that power. People will say it is like a song in my heart. When you sing you are free and your mind is open to the information of the song, the creator can hear you sing, by the vibration, and will create through the mind of the people. All things your health, your happiness, your wealth, your love all comes through you. A song clears away the blockage and the creator is free to speak to you through you intuition just like and echo the Divine will answer your song, that same as answering you prayers. The lord's prayer is like a sonnet. Singing a song can also realign you thought patterns. Which many people need, because their thoughts may be scattered, which can keep that person from thinking straight, or from focusing. A song can ease this scatter brain activity. A song is a real solution to help any one to get control of their thinking. Today our minds are being bombarded with all kinds of useless thoughts every second With television, radio, friends, newspapers, internet, and other media. We need a song, it is the answer and the only way to a moment of relaxation, a peace of mind so you can think of the things that matter. Let a song come into your life it will be like heaven on earth. I encourage everybody to sing. Dr. Bill.