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  • Artist: The Wilsons
  • UPC: 884502387766
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  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 6/29/2010
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Wilsons on CD

The Wilsons, fronted by two former solo artists, Kortney Kayle and David Wilson, united not only because together the blend of their voices created something special, but because they have been inseparable 'best friends' from the first day they met. Both were recording artists on Lyric Street Records and decided to forgo their solo artist deals to create something new and shake it up a little . Their story started over 9 years ago upon both moving to Nashville from Canada within a week of each other. They met at a mutual friends house and quickly hit it off. 'I was only 18 at the time but I knew something was special about our initial connection', Kortney Wilson says. Even though, our musical preferences were quite different, there was no denying that music played the biggest role in our lives and so we bonded immediately.' more... The Wilsons spent the next few years honing their musical talents as two solo artists living in the same household. Kortney landed on the ABC Soap Opera, 'One Life To Live' in the middle of promoting her record and it made the couple realize that 'having it all' meant they were not going to ever see each other. 'I would pick her up from the airport on Saturday night, we'd do laundry and she was off again,' Dave says. It was at that time when the couple started singing together and realized that perhaps there was a better way to have their cake and eat it too. 'Getting married, having kids and still following that American dream sure doesn't sound that country, does it?,' Dave jokes. Their joy and struggle of balancing family life with the pursuit of musical artist careers has been on display for all to see as a reailty series called 'Meet The Wilsons' on CMT. The episodes air on CMT Canada spring of 2010.