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Cloned By the Power
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Cloned By the Power on CD

Macedonia Gospel/RLW Productions is introducing the new release of the first recording of Bishop Robert 'Toby' L. Wise, Jr. and the Voices of Deliverance Choir CD entitled 'Cloned By The Power'. Bishop Wise, Jr. has accomplished much in the field of music and he has been featured with many well-known recording artist, such as, a duet with John P. Kee and IGF Mass Choir under the direction of David Allen; the Radio Angels of Gospel Music Workshop of America, and most recently with the Inner City Mass Choir on the single 'I Will Pray'. Some may feel that traditional Gospel music is dead and gone. Bishop Robert (Toby) L. Wise, Jr. & The Macedonia Voices of Deliverance go out of their way to show otherwise. Indeed, traditional Gospel is alive and well, and resides in their voices. It's that all-so-familiar, rich, good ole' Gospel music sound that makes Wise and the Voices of Deliverance so effective. Their latest project, Cloned by the Power, was recorded live at Macedonia Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith. The Winston-Salem, North Carolina group sets the tone by opening with a word of prayer. Then, after everything is blessed by the Word, the musical worship begins. Dr. Robert Wise and MVOD kick it in to high gear with the title track "Cloned by the Power." Lending his vocals on the tune, Wise convincingly tells how we can be carbon copies of the Holy Ghost simply if we walk like Jesus. Once instructed on how we can be like Jesus, we find out "Oh What a Miracle God" is. The brawny organ featured on the intro serves as an alert that something is about to occur. And then it does! A courting of musical chords with Wise's vocal testimony tantalizes the heartstrings, reminding us what a wonder God is. Tracks such as "He's All You Need", "I'm Not Alone" and "He Saw My Need" mirror the Gospel styling reminiscent of greats such as The Mississippi Mass Choir and The Florida Mass Choir. One piece of particular interest is "In My Life." This up-tempo ditty awesomely showcases the MVOD in full voice. Their call-and-response sequences prove to be timeless as they proclaim the place where God truly wants to be. While you may not have yet heard of MVOD, you certainly know their style. Cloned By The Power is representative of the ageless strength of the traditional Gospel genre. Sure to both delight devoted fans and win over contemporary listeners, this project is a winner. Producers: Various album release date: Sept, 2005 independent â€' reviewed by John Burton, Jr. â€'

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