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  • Available Date: 2/28/2024
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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic actresses of the 20th century.

Her beauty and charm captivated audiences around the world and cemented her place in Hollywood history. But, in 1954, she took on a different role when she visited US troops in Korea as part of a United Service Organizations(USO) tour.

Dressed in an army-inspired uniform, entertaining the troops with her singing and dancing. It was a patriotic and compassionate act that endeared her even more to the American public. In this visit, Marilyn's attire was specially tailored for her. She was a Hollywood star and had a curvier figure than the army standard, her uniform was made with added buttonsin the hip area of the pants to keep the uniform tight on her body.

This 1/8 scale plastic model kit of Marilyn Monroe is inspired by the photos of her visit to the US camp in the Korean war. The kit is a detailed replica of the celebrity, capturing her iconic smile and her look as she came down from the airplane stairs in her army uniform.

  • Height: Figure alone: Approx. 8.7", With base: Approx. 9.8"
  • Materials: HIPS