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Xxception to the Rule Then & Now
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Xxception to the Rule Then & Now on CD

Xxception To the Rule We give honor to God for giving us the voices and showing us the way to use them. Thanks to our family for giving us the love of soul music. Thank you for playing Aretha, Al Green, The Supremes, Gladys Knight, Shirley Cesar, Johnny Mathis, Stevie Wonder and so many more. If it wasn't for your love of music, we never would have found ours. Thank you Mom and Dad Curry and Mom and Dad Mathis for encouraging us to use our voices in church. You pushed us to the next level and we want to thank you. Thanks to our spouses and children for allowing us to use our talent around the world. If it wasn't for your constant love we wouldn't have had the strength to finish this project. Although we are older now we still love the sound of a great song. After singing with each other for over twenty years, it is nice to still be loved and appreciated by our fans. Thank you to all our fans around the world for the love you give us. If it wasn't for your love of soul music we would not be here. You gave us a second breath and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to Doyle Wood and Daxwood Records for giving us another chance and for digging into all of our older music and making it popular again. Thank you to Mick O'Donnell and Soul Discovery for playing us hard in the UK. Your love for our music opened up new doors and a new fan base. You rock!!! We would like to dedicate this CD to the late Van Q Mathis Jr. and Mr. & Mrs. Riley Curry.